The Keg Steakhouse & Bar (Park Royal) West Vancouver Review

After attending the Raincoast Cookies media event at the beautiful home of Lesley Stowe, we drove out to West Vancouver to have dinner at The Keg. Since the cookies and smoothies were so healthy and delicious, Gary the carnivore was craving some steak!

We had previously been to this location at Park Royal a couple years ago and I recall that both the food and service were excellent. Despite the fact that yesterday was Wednesday evening, the restaurant was actually quite busy. We were warmly greeted by a cheerful hostess upon our arrival and were quickly seated at a booth for two and presented with menus.

It took longer than expected for our server to appear – we had already decided what we wanted to order. She took our drink orders and rushed off before we could get a chance to tell her that we were also ready to order our food. Approximately ten to fifteen minutes after that, a friendly junior server/busboy poured us some water and we mentioned to him that we were ready to order. He said he could in fact take our order, and then proceeded to do so.

More time passed, and finally bread appeared at our table. I love their bread – so simple, yet delicious. Served with whipped butter, the bread came steaming hot to our table, with a slightly crusty exterior and soft and warm interior. Keg Caesar – Crisp romaine and aged parmesan cheese in their creamy caesar dressing. Freshly shaved parmigiano-reggiano brought the salad to the next level. This was the side-salad portion that our server removed from our bill, recognizing our slow service experience.

Mustard Salmon ($24.95) – Grilled salmon fillet basted with a honey, dijon and whole grain mustard glaze. Even though it doesn’t mention anything on the menu, apparently all their salmon dishes are wild salmon, not farmed. The salmon was cooked perfect – still retaining its moisture, without being undercooked in the middle. The honey-mustard glaze was just the right balance of sweet and savoury. An entire half of a lemon was on the side, it looked very old and dried-out. Hopefully, it just became dry from the heat-lamp?

Peppercorn New York ($30.95) – New York striploin (12 oz) with black peppercorns and peppercorn sauce. Served with asparagus, roasted red bell peppers, sauteed mushrooms, and a twice baked potato with bacon bits. Ordered medium-rare, that’s exactly what was served on the plate. This steak was so tender, it could have been cut with a dull butter knife. Perfection.

After we had signed the bill, we noticed there was an iced-tea on our bill that we didn’t order. Now, we wouldn’t normally make a big deal about something like that but it’s the principle of the matter – we never received an iced-tea, nor did we ever order one, so it shouldn’t be on our final bill. We brought it error to the attention of our server, and instead of voiding the beverage, she gave us cash-back (we paid by credit card). How the server chose to rectify this situation seemed a little shady, as the cash would have to have come out of the her pocket.

Overall, the food was spot-on, however the service was not what we had anticipated for The Keg. In the server’s defense, she did seem very busy and had quite a few tables in her section, and she did feel badly and took the caesar salad off our bill. Will we return? Of course. Gary will always love his steaks, and The Keg cooks them to perfection.

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