About Us

Eating in Vancouver & the World was founded in 2008 and is one of the leading restaurant review publications in Vancouver and beyond. It is part of a digital network, owned and operated by GNG Media Inc., that consists of various genres including gastronomy, travel, technology, and more. Since its inception, the online network has experienced exponential growth with over 60 million combined pageviews to date. Its major properties have been featured on national television, radio, and worldwide news media.


Alvin Lee is a professional photographer, culinary arts enthusiast, and contributing author of Eating in Vancouver & the World — view all posts by Alvin here. Visit Alvin’s website and connect with him on Twitter @alvinkclee and Instagram @foodimagery.


Sean Neild is a published professional photographer with featured work in Food Network Canada’s Eat St cookbook and Chatelaine magazine. He is a born and raised Vancouverite, writer for Eat St. Vancouver’s site, and contributor of Eating in Vancouver & the World — view all posts by Sean here. Visit Sean’s website and connect with him on Facebook, Twitter @YVRBCbro, and Instagram @YVRBCbro.


Joann Pai is an acclaimed food and lifestyle photographer based in Vancouver. As a contributor of Eating in Vancouver & the World — view all posts by Joann here — she enjoys being a part of her community and supporting local businesses. Visit Joann’s website and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram @hootlicious, and Twitter @hootlicious.



Taya & Gary Ng are the founders of Eating in Vancouver & the World. This husband and wife team possess over 20 years of combined experience in the Food & Beverage industry, and this guides their goal to provide detailed reviews of restaurants around the world. The Ngs are adventurous epicureans who love a variety of cuisines–influenced by their passion for world travel.

They have experienced gastronomic adventures while living in South Korea and Brunei, along with extensive time spent in the U.A.E. They have traveled considerably throughout the world so there’s no food they won’t try – at least once! Everything from adventurous eats like live baby octopus in Seoul, to more refined caviar and foie gras at the ‘world’s most luxurious’ 7 star hotel, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

They were both born and raised on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where the couple graduated from the University of Victoria. After spending five years in Kitsilano, the Ngs recently moved back to the island and are expecting their first child in 2013! Be sure to subscribe to Eating in Vancouver & the World’s RSS feed, follow them on Twitter, and like them on Facebook – so you won’t miss any updates. Have a question? Feel free to contact us.