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Gem Chocolates Tasting Invitational

Gem Chocolates is an award winning specialty chocolate store just off of West 41st and Maple in the beautiful Kerrisdale district of Vancouver West. Well-known for their stunning aesthetic presentation and usage of high quality ingredients, Gem has already been recognized throughout North America as a premier artisan chocolatier. Unlike many corporate companies that mass […]

Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant – ChineseBites Signature Dishes Tour #6

On Sept 25th, Eating in Vancouver & the World joined the regular ChineseBites panel for the sixth ChineseBites Signature Dish Tour dinner. Personally having grown up in Kerrisdale, I have eaten lunch at Golden Ocean several times but never actually been there for dinner. The fact that we also tried dim sum after 7pm was […]

Faubourg Macarons Now Available! [Review]

We stopped by one of our favourite French bakeries in Vancouver last week – Faubourg in Kerrisdale – for some coffee and Viennoiserie. When we walked in, the first thing we noticed is that Faubourg now bakes Parisian macarons! Finally! (They had been selling them for a few weeks when we visited.) If you know […]

Faubourg – Vancouver’s Own Gourmet Retailer

This is our third review of Faubourg, Vancouver’s Own Gourmet Retailer. Our first visit focused on their delectable pastries, while the second featured a variety of their delicious weekend brunch dishes offered in their Bistro. And on this occasion I wanted to highlight a couple of their fantastic desserts. Out of sheer habit, we always […]

Bean Brothers Cafe & Bistro Review

We were driving back to Kits from Richmond after attending media events for Saboten and H-Mart’s grand openings in Aberdeen Centre and wanted a quick bite to eat for lunch. We hit Kerrisdale and remembered that we had been meaning to check out Bean Brothers since we’d heard good things about the cafe. Nestled in […]

Faubourg Bistro Review – Parisian Brunch In Kerrisdale

Located in the heart of Kerrisdale is the delightful Faubourg Boulangerie. The front section of Faubourg is its bakery/coffee shop, while at the back you’ll find its lovely bistro. A light and airy high-ceilinged space, decked in hardwood floors, marble-topped tables and fanciful chairs imported from France, Faubourg’s bistro offers table service and seating from […]

The Mac Shack Review

Recently opened on West Boulevard in Kerrisdale, The Mac Shack specializes in one of the most popular comfort foods around: macaroni and cheese. “The same mac + cheese you remember. Just reinvented.”  They call themselves ‘evolved fast-food’ and are part of the ‘fast-casual’ restaurant revolution. Essentially, you order at the counter, pay, and are then […]

Faubourg French Patisserie In Kerrisdale

Faubourg, one of Vancouver’s finest gourmet retailers, is an elegant bistro, bakery & coffee shop located in the heart of Kerrisdale Village. This place is certainly authentic – workers actually have French accents and really know their stuff! The contemporary patisserie offers delectable French baked goods such as Chausson aux Pommes, Brioche Parisienne, and Galette […]

Michele Cake Shop Kerrisdale Review

Located on West Boulevard, Michele Cake Shop is a really popular and therefore super busy bakery in Kerrisdale. So busy in fact, customers are required to take a number from the dispenser and wait their turn for service. The only problem is some patrons often attempt to bypass this rule and annoyingly jump the queue! […]

Ajisai Sushi Bar Review

Ajisai is an exceptional sushi restaurant in Vancouver (in Kerrisdale, tucked away on West 42nd Ave) because it’s so well executed. Sure, Vancouver has tonnes of sushi restaurants around the city, but sadly, a lot of them aren’t very good. Ajisai is an authentic Japanese staffed restaurant and is different because it stays true to […]

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