Michele Cake Shop Kerrisdale Review

Located on West Boulevard, Michele Cake Shop is a really popular and therefore super busy bakery in Kerrisdale. So busy in fact, customers are required to take a number from the dispenser and wait their turn for service. The only problem is some patrons often attempt to bypass this rule and annoyingly jump the queue!

Michele’s is a straight up bakery – not a café – so dining-in, beverages, service, etc. are not provided. Get in, get out and take home delicious baked goods.

Their Richmond location, on Bushwell Street & Saba Road, is another popular bakery with comparable cakes, breads and pastries. Although, their Kerrisdale location is considerably closer to our home in Kits, so we definitely frequent it more often.

Michele Cake Shops are Hong Kong style bakeries, so you’ll find tasty pastries like BBQ pork buns, curry beef buns, honey buns, coconut buns, pineapple buns, egg tarts, etc. Baked fresh daily, these delectable treats are incredibly soft and pillowy, and are melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Their mango cakes are also notorious items that we often order for family members’ birthday celebrations. Fresh mango slices and whipped cream layered between white sponge cake. Embodying just the right degree of sweetness with a slight tartness from the fruit, it’s a nice and light cake, so not too rich or overly heavy, even though it consists of lots of whip.

Overall, Michel Cake Shop in Kerrisdale is a fantastic place to pick up delicious baked goods – check it out!

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