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Soft Peaks – Vancouver’s Organic Soft Serve Ice Cream

Rich soft serve ice cream topped with honeycomb has been the latest trend in South Korea, Taiwan, and California for quite some time. Recently, Vancouver foodies finally got a taste of this tantalizing concoction with the opening of Soft Peaks Ice Cream, located in the heart of Gastown. As an ice cream fan, I think […]

Homemade Organic Milk Soft Serve ​Ice Cream In Gastown

After a successful soft opening ​period, Soft Peaks Ice Cream will reopen their doors with full operations at 12:00pm on Thursday, February 5, 2015. Located in Gastown, they will offer organic milk soft serve, a first of its kind in Vancouver. The homemade recipe offers a deliciously fresh flavour, and is paired with premium toppings […]

Little BabyCakes Vancouver

Little BabyCakes offers bite-sized cupcakes that satisfy the sweet tooth.  Compared to normal sized cupcakes, these delectable creations deliver intense flavour in a small package, without the extra calories.  The cupcakes come in a beautifully packaged arrangement with six assorted flavours, which would be an ideal gift of choice. In the box, from the top […]

Baker Street Launches Indulgent Line of Yummi! Desserts in a Jar

Toronto-based Baker Street, a leading manufacturer of gourmet desserts, has just launched a whole new line of deliciousness in the form of Yummi! Desserts in a Jar. For more than 36 years Baker Street has been a favourite at Canadians’ tables with its vast range of cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, pies, and beyond. And now it’s […]

Sidney Bakery’s “Doissant”

Located in the heart of picturesque Sidney-By-The-Sea on Beacon Avenue, Sidney Bakery has been making a variety of breads, pastries, and cakes for over one hundred years. Prices are very reasonable at this little shop – in particular, their 60-cent glazed donuts are delicious. On this occasion we stopped by to try their version of […]

Faubourg Downtown Vancouver

Having experienced such immense popularity with its Kerrisdale patisserie, Faubourg Paris recently opened up a second location – this time in downtown Vancouver. Located on Hornby Street near Robson, this gorgeous shop is adored with white orchids, beautiful chandeliers and white marble. They offer the same cakes and pastries you came to love in Kerrisadale. […]

Origin Gluten-Free Bakery Victoria, BC

Origin Bakery is Victoria, BC’s first dedicated gluten-free establishment, providing fresh quality products for those seeking nutritious alternatives to wheat-based diets. Origin Bakery’s number one priority is to address the needs of those with Celiac disease, although it does strive to provide baked goods that taste great for everyone. Their bakers use high quality, natural […]

Vancouver Foodster’s #CheesecakeChallenge Tasting Tour

A couple days ago, I was invited to attend a cheesecake tasting by my good friend Richard Wolak (@vanfoodster). Similar to the poutine media tour that was held last month, this afternoon event was intended to showcase a few of the restaurants currently participating in the Vancouver Foodster Cheesecake Challenge. For more information or to […]

Kitchening & Co. to Donate $10,000 Worth of Macarons for Charity

International Macaron Day is March 20th! This year, our favourite macaron maker Kitchening & Co. is donating up to $10,000 worth of macarons to raise money for three of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside charities — Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, Mission Possible and Linwood House. So how can you help the endeavour? The premise is simple: 1) […]

Dishcrawl Vancouver: Kits Bits & Bites Food Adventure

Over the past few years, Vancouver has seen its fair share of food trends come and go. Although I rarely subscribe to fads, I have taken a personal interest in the emergent business concept of food tour companies. When executed properly, I feel they have the potential to offer an engaging dining experience to tourists […]

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