Origin Gluten-Free Bakery Victoria, BC


Origin Bakery is Victoria, BC’s first dedicated gluten-free establishment, providing fresh quality products for those seeking nutritious alternatives to wheat-based diets.


Origin Bakery’s number one priority is to address the needs of those with Celiac disease, although it does strive to provide baked goods that taste great for everyone. Their bakers use high quality, natural ingredients (many are local and organic) to make all of their products. From a variety of cakes, rich and crewy cookies and moist and fluffy muffins to seasonal pastries like luscious lemon lavender tarts, there’s something to satisfy all customers. For a delightful treat, their choux pastry puffs filled with whipped chantilly cream are always a crowd favorite.


Other unique diets are taken into consideration at this specialty company. For example, vegans will love their popular Vega Bread and heavenly vegan chocolate ganache, as both are made without any animal products. Customers looking for egg-free/nut-free/yeast-free items will applaud their sourdough bread baked with organic white rice flour.

Origin Bakery has two convenient locations in southern Vancouver Island. One is situated in Victoria’s Stadacona Centre at 1525 Pandora Ave (250-590-4149) and the other is located in Colwood at 110-1790 Island Hwy (250-590-8948) Origin Gluten-Free Bakery on UrbanspoonOrigin Gluten-free Bakery on Urbanspoon

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