Little BabyCakes Vancouver

Little BabyCakes offers bite-sized cupcakes that satisfy the sweet tooth.  Compared to normal sized cupcakes, these delectable creations deliver intense flavour in a small package, without the extra calories.  The cupcakes come in a beautifully packaged arrangement with six assorted flavours, which would be an ideal gift of choice.


In the box, from the top left (clockwise):
Salted Caramel – An interesting flavour of salty caramel that gives a savoury and sweet combination but the balance may be a little off as there was too much salt for my taste.
Red Pearl – A delicious red velvet cupcake with rich cream cheese icing
Coconut Paradise – A coconut cupcake with delicious icing that tastes similar to a tropical drink
Earl Grey – A unique flavour that offers a nice balance of Earl Grey tea flavour and the perfect amount of sweetness.
Real Original – The traditional vanilla cupcake with tasty icing and pink sprinkles
Double Fudge – The perfect choice for chocolate lovers as both cake and icing are rich chocolatey flavour

It is easy to see that these little cupcakes are made with care.  If you are looking to satisfy instant cravings for your sweet tooth, these bite-sized cupcakes are the best choice.

Currently, Little BabyCakes’ store is located at 1023-8700 McKim Way, Richmond, BC, or you may order the cupcakes directly from their website: Little Babycakes on Urbanspoon

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