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Based out of Vancouver, BC, Charmaine Poon is a food fanatic and travel enthusiast. Growing up in a family where their time to connect and talk about their day was done around a restaurant table rather than the dinner table at home, these experiences have enhanced Charmaine's grasp on gastronomy. When travelling, she can be found trying out the best local flavours. Charmaine is always ready to embark on her next food adventure.

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Soft Peaks – Vancouver’s Organic Soft Serve Ice Cream

Rich soft serve ice cream topped with honeycomb has been the latest trend in South Korea, Taiwan, and California for quite some time. Recently, Vancouver foodies finally got a taste of this tantalizing concoction with the opening of Soft Peaks Ice Cream, located in the heart of Gastown. As an ice cream fan, I think […]

Little BabyCakes Vancouver

Little BabyCakes offers bite-sized cupcakes that satisfy the sweet tooth.  Compared to normal sized cupcakes, these delectable creations deliver intense flavour in a small package, without the extra calories.  The cupcakes come in a beautifully packaged arrangement with six assorted flavours, which would be an ideal gift of choice. In the box, from the top […]

Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches

As one of Richmond’s hidden treasures, Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches has been serving deliciously oversized subs, conveniently priced big breakfasts and homemade fried chicken for years, which shows in its classic cafeteria style décor with furnishing and colour scheme straight from the ’70s. This greasy spoon is located on No. 3 Road across from Richmond Centre […]

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