Gem Chocolates Tasting Invitational

Gem Chocolates is an award winning specialty chocolate store just off of West 41st and Maple in the beautiful Kerrisdale district of Vancouver West. Well-known for their stunning aesthetic presentation and usage of high quality ingredients, Gem has already been recognized throughout North America as a premier artisan chocolatier.

Unlike many corporate companies that mass produce chocolate using extracts and preservatives, Gem Chocolates prides itself as an artisan chocolate company that only uses organic, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified Belgian chocolate. In addition to such a high level base standard, Gem has managed to differentiate itself by using unique selections of fresh, natural ingredients like passionfruit.

By producing small amounts of fresh chocolate every day, the owner Glenn is able to provide customers with an exceptionally high quality of chocolate to choose from. With each selection clearly described on small cards, here is a sample of what is available to order.

The first thing I personally noticed as I entered the store was the amazing visual nature of each piece of chocolate. Painstakingly but lovingly hand crafted, each chocolate is simply exceptional in presentation. Although I had my personal favourites, I must say I was blown away by how intricate and detailed all of the pieces were. The vivid colours jump off the smooth, dark chocolate and are almost too beautiful to eat.

With the holiday season just over a month away, many readers may be looking for chocolates to give as gifts. For those tired of giving the same boxes of Ferrero Rocher or Purdy’s Hedgehogs, I cannot recommend Gem Chocolates enough. The store owner Glenn very generously gifted a small box to us to take home and I was very impressed with the overall product. Each case has a small magnetic latch much like a high end jewelry case. With ten pieces of exceptional chocolate housed in a beautifully crafted box, I think anybody on your gift list would be happy with any of the following.
To wrap up, I was at Gem Chocolates for just over an hour but had a chance to taste quite a few pieces of chocolate as well as their famous hot chocolate. Although I am no expert by any means, I could definitely taste the difference in quality almost immediately. Each piece is as unique visually as it is in taste and I enjoyed everything I tried. It was so refreshing to bite into a piece of chocolate and know immediately what it was, be it caramel, peppermint or mango. The clear accents of flavour, remarkable artistry and friendly owner/staff have made Gem one of my favourite chocolatiers in Vancouver.

Gem Chocolates ~ 2029 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6M 1Y7 ~ T 604.263.9878 ~ Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am to 6pm | Sunday 12 noon to 5pm | Closed Mondays  Gem Chocolates on Urbanspoon

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