Ajisai Sushi Bar Review

Ajisai is an exceptional sushi restaurant in Vancouver (in Kerrisdale, tucked away on West 42nd Ave) because it’s so well executed. Sure, Vancouver has tonnes of sushi restaurants around the city, but sadly, a lot of them aren’t very good. Ajisai is an authentic Japanese staffed restaurant and is different because it stays true to itself, by being literally a sushi bar: You will not find a lot of cooked food, as it does not have a full sized industrial kitchen.

Even their tea is amazing. Their green tea is so fresh, light, and almost crisp tasting – as if the tea leaves had just been dried that day.

Their “Chef’s Recommendations” change often, so it’s always an interesting surprise to see what creative and flavorful rolls are offered on the menu for that particular day.

We’ve dined there a few times and have ordered a good variety of items. Their miso soup is the best in the city. For real. I’ve never had miso soup that tasted so fresh and so clean. Even their edamame is above par on the freshness scale. The quality of their sashimi is impeccable – like they just caught each tuna and each salmon a few hours before they appeared on our plate!

Ajisai has kept it fairly consistent every time we’ve dined there for lunch and dinner. Service has always been prompt and efficient. It’s not the cheapest Japanese restaurant in town, but for the quality of the ingredients, it’s definitely worth the price.

Ajisai does not take reservations and seating is limited – so get there early! If you love sushi, you must eat here.

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