The Naam Restaurant Review

The Naam Restaurant is located on 4th Ave & Stephens and has been in Kitsilano for over 30 years. I was really excited to try the Naam because I had heard it serves an excellent variety vegetarian food and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

The restaurant has an old-school feel, like it hasn’t changed in the over 30 years it has been in operation. Old wooden tables and battered up chairs are all placed very close together, which make for a very ‘cozy’ dining experience. The Naam is open 24 hours, so I assume this doesn’t leave very much time to actually clean the restaurant. It was quite dusty – plants, window sill, partition, and floor all had visible dust and dirt build-up.

Their large menu selection offers great choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, the service was almost too laid back, like they’d just been up all night pulling a graveyard shift. Probably one of my biggest annoyances is when servers ask if you’re paying separately. Now, I understand if it’s a large group, asking if they’re paying separately will save the server time by wringing items into the computer accordingly. But why would a server ask a couple if they’re paying separately?

The Naam Dragon Bowl ($9.50) – macrobiotic special with steamed vegetables on organic brown rice, miso gravy, tofu, peanut sauce, organic alfalfa sprouts and wakame. I quite enjoyed this veggie bowl because the ingredients were fresh and the miso gravy gave the dish a nice salty and savory kick. With such wholesome items, I felt that I was really fueling my body with healthy nutrition.

Sam’s Five-Star Burger Platter ($12.50) – an ‘all time favorite soy protein burger’ on a whole wheat sesame bun with tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and sprouts. The platter includes sesame roasted potato fries, miso gravy and salad. My hubby’s a mega-carnivore, so his veggie burger just didn’t satisfy his animal protein cravings. Also, the price is a little steep – when you think about it, you’re just paying vegetables.

Instead of the Naam, I’d recommend going to Organic Lives for great vegetarian food, excellent service and a very clean restaurant!

The Pluses:
-vegetarian and vegan options
-open 24 hours/ day, 7 days/ week
-nightly live music

The Minuses:
-restaurant interior’s not very clean
-service’s not great
-often long line-ups
-don’t take reservations Friday nights & weekends

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