Faubourg – Vancouver’s Own Gourmet Retailer

This is our third review of Faubourg, Vancouver’s Own Gourmet Retailer. Our first visit focused on their delectable pastries, while the second featured a variety of their delicious weekend brunch dishes offered in their Bistro. And on this occasion I wanted to highlight a couple of their fantastic desserts.

Out of sheer habit, we always order Americanos from Faubourg, but on this visit we decided to see how their drip coffee would fare. Faubourg offers the finest coffee from the award-winning Musetti roasters in Piacenza, Italy. The verdict? Excellent. Strong, full-bodied and extra hot coffee.

Typical Parisian breakfasts consist of a baguette or a small roll, a croissant, pain au chocolat, or brioche with jam and butter. Those beloved sweet pastries are called Viennoiserie, their name evolving from the long-held myth that they originated in Vienna rather than France. We each ordered our favourite viennoiserie: Pain au Chocolat – A delicious, rich and flaky butter dough wrapped around two sticks of chocolate, to form that special morning treat beloved around the world, but especially in France. Almond Croissant – Consisting of Faubourg’s famous Croissant (which you can watch them bake through the kitchen’s large window), they fill them with frangipane and once baked, they decorate them with sliced almonds and icing sugar.

We initially just stopped in for a quick breakfast of coffee and baked goods, but then noticed a couple exquisite looking desserts. Their individually-sized desserts offer local gourmands “a taste of the good life”, with a range of ten varieties from which to choose. We decided on the Chocolate Raspberry Tart – A butter-rich shortbread pastry shell filled with a smooth, creamy dark chocolate & raspberry ganache, which was tremendous and not overly sweet. And the Lemon Tart – Faubourg’s most popular dessert as it is their best seller. And we can see why: it contains rich, smooth and tangy lemon curd atop vanilla milk foam in their flaky buttery tart shell and finished with pearl sugar for an unexpected crunch.

One of the best ways to sample all Faubourg’s lovely desserts is to purchase Assorted Pastry Boxes: Available in small (8 piece) and large (12 piece) sizes, the boxes come with a variety individual, bite-sized dessert portions.

Disappointingly, service was appalling slow during this visit and as per usual, this patisserie was packed with customers. Thankfully, it was a rare, incredibly sunny day for Vancouver, so we sat on their little patio at the rear of the building to leisurely sip our coffees and indulge in decadence. C’est magnifique!

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