Pinkberry Hell’s Kitchen Review (New York, NY)

Behind our Times Square hotel, in the Hell’s Kitchen district of Midtown Manhattan, lies a glorious Pinkberry location. Since Pinkberry in West Vancouver had yet to open, we were excited to indulge in their famous frozen yogurt. Having first sampled the treat in San Diego, this New York City visit was technically our second experience at Pinkberry, and it was every bit a amazing as our inaugural California visit.

Almost identical to the San Diego counterpart, this NYC Pinkberry has the similar vibrant wall colors, white tables, and tiny pebble flooring. Employees wear the same uniforms and greet customers with bright and chipper demeanors. You cannot leave Pinkberry without a smile on your face!

One thing I did notice is that prices vary slightly by state and city. Nothing significant though, only a few cents here and there. Toppings are unlimited – to an extent. Really, it’s just as many ingredients will fit in your cup. This location has loads of fresh juicy blackberries, raspberries and fresh ripe tropical fruit like mango and pineapple. And of course, the standard toppings were available like cereals, chocolate chips, mochi, etc.

If you’ve never had Pinkberry before, it’s a milder yogurt flavor than say, Red Mango frozen yogurt. Curious as to which frozen yogurt company (Pinkberry, Red Mango, or Iceberry) was the first to make it big in America? Read all about the fro-yo wars on our sister site here.

Overall, this Pinkberry location in Midtown Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen district is an excellent place to grab a cup of their famous & delicious frozen yogurt. Check it out the next time you’re in New York City!

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