Levni Chocolate Vancouver

Founded by Paul Dincer, Levni‘s signature line of chocolates is made in the traditional, artisanal way, combining the finest chocolate with unusual elements, to create delicious visual treasures.

Levni’s vision is to create the freshest and most select chocolates in the city, seducing the palate with flavorsome varieties. Levni truly aspires to love at first taste.

Named after 17th century Ottoman Painter Levni, Levni chocolates are like precious jewels displayed in beautiful, Mediterranean style boxes. The final product is a blend of the traditional and the contemporary, resulting in a timeless appearance that is sure to delight at first sight.

Levni uses Belgian chocolate, local honey, Mexican vanilla beans and a variety of nuts and fruit from California and Turkey; and all chocolates are preservative free. Its palette of additional ingredients features exotic teas, flowers and spices such as Izmir blood orange peels, Spartan rose, Turkish fig, dry apricots, Izmir grape, just to name a few. Extracts, concentrates or flavourings are never used; Levni’s flavours come directly from their natural sources. Find Levni Chocolates at Baker’s Market Vancouver!

Levni Chocolate
Phone: 604-708-3366
Email: [email protected]

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