France Gourmande: Sweet French Seduction

Owner Marie-Christine Fuseau takes great pleasure in food and created France Gourmande: Sweet French Seduction to showcase her enticing French baked goods: “We bake. You enjoy. We are delighted!”

Marie-Christine bakes a variety of authentic French pastries, like her delectable Galettes Bretonnes that we sampled at Baker’s Market Vancouver.

Galettes Bretonnes-Breton Shortbread ($2.50 for two cookies) – Sea salt is the key ingredient that brings out the rich, buttery flavour of these delicious Brittany shortbread biscuits. Find France Gourmande on Saturdays at Baker’s Market Vancouver, or place an order with Marie-Christine via the following contact information.

France Gourmande
by Marie-Christine Fuseau
Phone: 778-319-8594
Email: [email protected]

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