Shake Shack Midtown West Review (New York, NY)

We had just arrived in NYC, fresh off a flight from Toronto, and checked into our SPG hotel (of course) in Midtown West. We ventured outside, taking in the sights of the Big Apple while strolling up 8th Avenue. We noticed a packed restaurant with a lineup out the door called the Shake Shack – it looked promising and we were famished, so we decided to give it a go.

I had never heard of Shake Shack before, an uber popular burger joint, although I should have considering there’s a location in Dubai. Shake Shack must have opened after my parents finished their contract because we definitely would have heard about this famous fast food restaurant!

[Shake Shack tables are made from reclaimed bowling alley lanes! After you place your order at the counter, you’re provided with a numbered pager that lights up and vibrates when your order is ready]

For Canadians or American West Coasters who might be unaware, Shake Shack is an East Coast treasure (with locations in NY, CT, DC, and FL) and has been a Manhattan native since 2004, with 7 locations in NYC and surrounding boroughs. The company prides itself in environmentally friendly practices, and in sourcing premium ingredients: They only use 100% natural, vegetarian-fed and humanely raised beef (with no hormones or antibiotics). Their frozen custard is the real deal, made with milk from dairy farmers who don’t use artificial growth hormones. There are no shortcuts at Shake Shack – everything is made fresh and cooked to order. And you can truly taste the freshness in their food!

I’m not that huge of a burger fiend, although I do enjoy a Cactus Club burger every once in a while. But Shake Shack burgers are a whole different ballgame. First of all, I must mention their bun…Oh my heavens their bun. It’s quite possibly the BEST hamburger bun ever created in the history of burger buns. Seriously. Why? Well, it’s a grilled potato bun, with the texture and slight sweetness of a light and pillowy brioche bread. It’s buttery-soft, melt in your mouth amazingness.

Isn’t that the most perfect looking burger you have seen! Shake Shack Burger ($4.50) – 100% natural, grinded fresh daily, Black Angus beef patty topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and ShakeSauce. Their delicious burgers are cooked medium unless otherwise requested. Fries ($2.65) – 100% free of artificial trans-fats and made from Yukon Gold potatoes, noted 25% less fat than average fries. Root Beer Float ($4.75) – Louisiana’s Abita Brewing Company root beer with a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream. Custard ($3.25) – Every day of the week features a new custard flavor, and on our first visit, they offered cinnamon cherry dense frozen custard. Divine.

We enjoyed Shake Shack so much that we returned on our last day in NYC. If you get a chance to try any of their locations, don’t miss it!

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