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We were craving ramen a couple weeks ago and for some reason were convinced there’s a Benkei Ramen in Richmond (there isn’t). So my sister-in-law suggested Yuu Japanese Tapas for ramen as she’s been there a few times and enjoys the place.

Yuu Japanese Tapas is a casual little restaurant located in Richmond’s Continental Plaza. Yuu (not to be confused with Guu) offers everything from appetizers to mini hotpots to okonomiyaki to donburi and of course, ramen.

Ramen in Miso Base with Butter ($9.50) A comforting dish on a cold day, Miso ramen originates from Hokkaido, Japan’s second largest and northernmost island where summers are cool and winters icy. This bold, nutty flavored soup consists of a pork bone “tonkotsu” stock and lots of miso paste. Yuu’s chef combines yellow with red miso and ages the mixture for fourteen days before adding it to the broth. The element of butter adds a richness to the soup, making it a hearty and satisfying meal.

Ramen in Special Tonkotsu Soup Base ($8.99) – Yuu’s pork bone tonkotsu broth is made from scratch daily. A specialty of Kyushu, Japan, this tonkotsu ramen features a milky broth infused with delicate pork flavor. Yuu’s chef boils tonkotsu and collagen over high heat for several hours to create this creamy broth. The ramen noodles in both dishes have a nice chew and are a sufficient portion size.

Yuu also offers an interesting take on ramen, called “Tomato Ramen”. This unique ramen is made from tonkotsu broth, fresh tomatoes and onions. This brightly colored ramen gives the dish a new twist as it is paired with chicken as an alternative to the traditional chashu.

Yuu’s ramen bowls are topped with thicker cut slices of savory BBQ pork, corn, half an egg, chopped green onions, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, and nori sheets. The egg and corn are a bonus since most ramen restaurants in Vancouver charge extra for these particular toppings. Another unexpected extra is that they seem to provide more pork per bowl than comparable ramen eateries on the Lower Mainland.

From our experience, Yuu offers large portion sizes of ramen consisting of plenty of meat and bonus toppings. FYI: Not surprisingly, since this is Richmond, Yuu Japanese Tapas is a cash only establishment.

Yuu Japanese Tapas | 1111 – 3779 Sexsmith Road, Richmond, BC | (604) 214-7722 | www.yuutapas.com Yuu Japanese Tapas 優  on Urbanspoon

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