Nishiki Sushi Restaurant West Vancouver Review

We were looking for an authentic Japanese restaurant in West Vancouver for dinner a while ago and poked around on the web to see what we could find. We decided on Nishiki Sushi on Marine Drive after reading reviews saying the restaurant was Japanese owned and operated. But of course, Nishiki recently changed ownership…

Upon entering, we noticed that the very spartan space was minimally decorated and had dingy, bare walls. After we were seated, we ordered a couple appetizers, miso soup and gomae, to start, along with salad, rolls and sashimi. The Gomae was a relatively small portion size and the spinach was slightly gritty. Its peanut sauce was lacking in flavour but the crunchy peanuts added a good contrasting texture.

Assorted Sushi with two pieces of tuna, two pieces of salmon, and two pieces of shrimp. The sashimi wasn’t terrible, it’s just that it wasn’t exceptionally fresh either. The Dynamite Roll was a decent enough, quite standard really. It consisted of good sushi rice to ingredient ratio, although the rice could have used a tad more vinegar.

The Crab & Avocado Salad would have been delicious if it had indeed been fresh. Unfortunately, the iceberg lettuce was browning and the sprouts were a little limp. On the upside, the avocado was ripe, but it would have been nice if there was a bit more of it.

The whole meal just wasn’t an entirely pleasant dining experience in terms of food or atmosphere and service was not up to par either. It’s not that it was rude, per se it’s just that the waiter and waitress both acted as if they didn’t want to be working at Nishiki and really had no interest in serving our table – i.e. getting a spoon for our miso soup from them was like pulling teeth.

Overall, we would not feel comfortable recommending Nishiki Sushi restaurant in West Vancouver to our readers. Since we haven’t had a lot of excellent sushi in either West or North Vancouver, and so many other great sushi joints around the Lower Mainland, it might be wise to consider driving across the bridge to downtown Vancouver! What’s your favourite sushi restaurant on the North Shore?

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