Lido Restaurant Richmond Review

Located inside a strip mall on Hazelbridge Way, across the street from Aberdeen Centre, Lido Restaurant is the ultimate Hong Kong Style cafe. The restaurant has a very spartan interior with mostly booths, and since it is a casual, fast food type of place, we receive “hurry up and order, and hurry up and leave” service. At busy times of the day, we’ll be required to share a table with strangers. However, we don’t frequent Lido for friendly service or its basic decor. We go for Lido’s awesome food!

If you love pineapple buns, Lido is the place to go. Sure, Kam Do has some decent buns too, but Lido’s are always hot and fresh out of the oven. These puppies sell-out fast. Customers waiting in line will ask for buns to be saved for them. Taya’s addicted to their dong-yeen-yeungs (sweet iced milk coffee + tea drink). Strong, creamy, sweet, and enough of a caffeine jolt to last her until the next day. Lido has really inexpensive set menus – like a sandwich and a drink, or soup and a hot beverage, both for around for $5. If you want a refreshing cold drink, like lemon iced-tea, Coke with lemon, or iced milk tea, they’re usually 50 cents to $1 extra. Their deep fried French toast is also excellent – pretty much all their food is great.

Preserved egg congee with Chinese doughnuts – their jook is always thick and stick-to-your-ribs hearty, and a large portion. Food is consistently quick to come out of Lido’s kitchen, and service is lightning fast. Lido Restaurant is definitely an efficiently run establishment.

Cheese and tomato sandwich, with crusts cut off of its white bread – fairly standard. There’s the pineapple bun in all its glory. Sweet and crumbly topping on a pillowy soft, light as air, white bun. Ours were fresh and hot out of the oven. We always order a ton of these, since they are so easy to eat and melt in your mouth.

For a Hong Kong style cafe, Lido is one of the best. My only gripe? How about more English (or Canada’s other official language, French!) on the signs and menus – it would make for a much more inclusive environment. A lot of their special deals are written on the walls in Chinese only, so if you can’t read Chinese, you don’t get the discounts. FYI: As with most places in Richmond, Lido is CASH ONLY. Also, Lido’s parking lot is small and congested, so tread with caution.

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