Bonchaz Bakery Café – ‘#SUPERBonchaz’ Dining Pass [PREVIEW]


3-Course Dining Pass for only $6.50 between November 8th, 2012 – March 4th, 2013

A. Bonchaz of your choice:

“Original“, butter & icing sugar
“Banana Walnut“, fresh bananas & California walnuts
“Matcha“, matcha coconut green tea

B. Sandwich of your choice:

“Avocado & Brie“, avocado, double cream brie & balsamic on our homemade bread
“The Vegan“, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, hummus, sprouts and roasted peppers on our homemade Italian-herbed baguette
“Beef Bulgogi“, Korean-inspired sliced ribeye marinated in soy sesame oil, with red onion, garlic and a hint of honey in our homemade hoagie bread

C. Soup of the Day

A couple weeks ago, I swung by Bonchaz with my good friend and human food wikipedia Sean Neild to preview the newest VANEATS dining pass. Coming in at a very affordable price point of $6.50, this cafe combo will definitely not break anybody’s bank this holiday season.

To start things off, my buddy Sean went with a bowl of vegan chilli so I decided to try the corn chowder. Generously filled with tender pieces of chorizo sausage, fresh corn and potato, this hearty soup was most welcome on a crisp Autumn day. The saltiness from the sausage went well with the corn and potato and the soup base itself was creamy but not too rich. This was not something I normally order when I walk into a cafe but I enjoyed the bowl a lot.

After polishing off the soup, I tried my “Original” Bonchaz. Although kept quite simple, this bun seemed like a dessert pastry as it was so buttery and light. Although the icing sugar does lend a subtle element of sweetness, the overall Bonchaz is well balanced and can be eaten with anything. Served fresh and slightly warm, this bun was not heavy at all and very easy to eat on the go!
The last item I tried was the “Beef Bulgogi” hoagie sandwich. This idea was interesting to me as I am quite fond of Korean cuisine but have never even thought of putting bulgogi in a hoagie. The strips of sliced ribeye were fairly tender and you can definitely taste the soy sesame oil. I was not able to taste any honey but the red onion and garlic definitely came through. Overall, an interesting attempt at fusion which you do not see every day. I will add that the sandwich is quite dense so you may end up packing some up to go.

A few final thoughts, I almost never go to cafes and order food so this Bonchaz preview was a great experience for me. Not really a soup or sandwich person, I still found the food in this package quite decent. For $6.50, you get a cup of hearty soup, a fresh tasty bun and a giant sandwich. If nothing else, I say pick this up to have in your back pocket for a rainy afternoon. With our crazy Vancouver winters, this pass may just save you one day!

If you enjoyed the photos and review, definitely check out the Bonchaz video above to learn more about this pass. If you have read enough and just want to eat, the ‘#SUPERBonchaz‘ pass is currently on sale so head over to to buy your pass today!  Bonchaz Bakery Café on Urbanspoon

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