Donair Spot (Fairview) Review

The Donair Spot has three locations around the city: One in Marpole on Granville Street, one downtown on Robson, and the third is located on West Broadway & Willow in Fairview. We used to frequent the Granville location, but have felt that recently its quality has diminished. Driving down Broadway and in the mood for some Middle Eastern fare, we noticed this Donair Spot, and pulled over to check it out.

Upon stepping inside, we were warmly greeted by the cashier (possibly owner). The first thing I noticed was how clean the restaurant appeared. The interior was spotless: Tables and seats were all wiped down, condiments were meticulously cleaned off, and the floor was well kept. After we placed our order, the friendly employee whipped up our donair and platter quite quickly.

Chicken Donair ($6.99) – Lebanese style with hummus, tabouli, cucumber, lettuce, onions, pickles, creamy and spicy sauces. This thing was huge! The chicken was exceptionally tender and well seasoned, and didn’t contain a lot of chicken skin or fat like other shwarma places often include.

Chicken Platter ($8.99) – Sliced marinated grilled chicken, shaved off of a shwarma spit. Nestled over basmati rice, and served with sides of hummus, tabouli, and pita bread. Both pitas were very soft and fresh. Serving sizes were very generous, and they didn’t skimp on meat portions.

I was slightly disappointed with the consistency of the tabouli, as it was very dry. It was basically bulgur, onion, and fresh parsley that had dried up. We had to ask the cashier to add some sauce to rehydrate the concoction. He kindly added more tabouli, and then poured an extremely sour citrus dressing. It tasted like the processed lime juice that used to be sold in those little green plastic containers. Do they still sell that stuff? Anyway, it was potent. This Donair Spot could benefit from changing up their tabouli recipe and serving style. Although, I do understand their reasoning: Drier tabouli works well in donair wraps because all the additional sauces reconstitute the tabouli, and ensures the wrap doesn’t become too soggy.

Another downside, their hummus tasted relatively bland. However, this shwarma shop could be gearing its food towards a less adventurous clientele, and perhaps a more western palate. Although their tabouli and hummus were not the best I’ve ever had, mixed with all the other ingredients in my chicken donair wrap, they were delicious. Huge portions, generous amounts of meat, tasty shwarma, spotlessly clean restaurant, reasonable prices, and pleasant service. Check it out the next time you’re craving some fast Middle Eastern food!

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