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Mr. Shawarma is a recently opened little Middle Eastern restaurant on 4th Ave, in Kitsilano.  It has an amazing location and will surely catch the attention of hungry Kits shoppers looking for a quick + affordable bite to eat.

They offer tuna, turkey, beef, falafel, or veggie shawarma wraps – including a drink is only $5.99!  Their menu also includes soups, salads, platters and hummus.

The lady was kind enough to give me a handful of olives on my salad. All the condiments looked very fresh, like they had been cut that day.

Mr. Shawarma serves generous portions – it would definitely be difficult to leave hungry. I ordered the Chicken Platter which came with choice of tabouleh or Greek salad (I went with the tabouleh – delicious! Hubby had the Greek), hummus, pita bread and a large serving of rice. The pita bread was served nice and warm and had a soft, chewy texture. The hummus was light and creamy, with just the right amount of tahini.

I love Middle Eastern food and have spent a lot of time in the Middle East – so I can compare this restaurant to the ‘authentic stuff’. For the price, you can’t beat Mr. Shawarma! They have really friendly service and are very hospitable – much like the culture is in the Middle East (from my experience in Egypt, Oman, U.A.E., and Jordan). The cook let us each try a falafel for free as he wanted to showcase his special recipe. I’m used to round, ball-like falefels which are light and crispy on the outside and soft in the middle – this falafel was a little different for me.  We also ordered some Baklava (in cling-wrap in the photo).  It looked like a little child had layered the filo, nuts and honey together with uncoordinated carelessness. Definitely not the best Baklava I’ve ever had. But did it matter? No. The friendly service and relaxing atmosphere made up for it.  I almost felt like I was back in a cafe in Dubai, soaking up the desert heat and overlooking the Persian Gulf…

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