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The street food scene in Vancouver is varied to say the least and the choices span the world flavor wise. Eat Chicken Wraps is one of the newer street food vendors to make the Robson and Howe Street area home and they are concentrating on making chicken the star of the show. They take organic and free range chicken that is de-boned by hand daily and pack it in a variety of wraps that are sure to make your mouth water.


A signature item the Eat Chicken Wraps offers is a Kung Pow Lettuce Cup. Each one is prepared to order with sweet chili sauce, peanuts, corn, crisp noodles and of course that tasty grilled chicken. The flavors and textures on these are great with the sweet chili sauce having a nice bite combined with the juicy chicken and crunchy peanuts tossed in that sauce.


The wrap that I think completely sets them apart from any street food vendor is the Hoisin Chicken Wrap. Instead of using a regular tortilla, Eat Chicken Wraps makes a crispy Chinese pancake to roll the wrap in. The pancake is a crispy, layered pancake that is used in the famous Beef Rolls at Peaceful Restaurant, so when I saw it used here my eyes lit up! The Hoisin Chicken wrap has shredded cabbage, scallions and carrots along with rotisserie roasted chicken and drizzled with sweet hoisin sauce. Digging into this you are hit with the textures of the crispy pancake with its soft layers and the juicy chicken that has nice charring on it from the rotisserie – along with the freshness from the veggies this really is a pleasure to eat.


If you’re looking for something different from all the other street food vendors around, then Eat Chicken Wraps is a great choice. They are open late seven days a week and you can find them at Robson and Howe Street.


Eat Chicken Wraps
800 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: (604) 727-0573
Twitter: @EatChickenWraps
Facebook: EatChickenWraps
Eat Chicken Wraps on Urbanspoon

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