Greens Organic + Natural Market in Kitsilano

Greens Market, an organic grocery store in Kitsilano, will soon be opening its doors on West Broadway and Maple. It is located right beside the recently opened Blenz Coffee Shop, in the Pulse condo development. I am so excited! A ‘Whole Foods’ type of market right near us, what could be better?!

They are 100% Canadian owned and operated and will be offering organic produce, natural health and beauty products, gourmet deli and meat departments, organic baby items, and an Organic Coffee Bar.

Greens Market claim you won’t have to choose between quality and price, as you won’t have to pay the premiums associated with most organic food stores. Hope this statement is true, cause shopping at Whole Foods is bloody expensive…

They will have on-site composting, and will be donating almost expired food to local food banks – this will ensure that as little food items as possible will end up in the trash.

Don’t forget to bring your cloth grocery bags with you – the store won’t provide any plastic bags at their checkouts.

Very importantly, Greens will be buying as many locally produced products as possible. This reduces the transportation costs associated with flying or trucking-in food from other countries, reducing pollution and global warming, supporting your local farmers and companies.  This results in fresher tasting and more nutritious food because the produce was picked closer to date you actually consume it!

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  • primal divine

    tomatoes $4.99 a pound…not exactly cheap….
    really hoping they will try to come out cheaper than Whole Foods. I dont shop at Whole Foods due to the US owners terrible right wing politics. Thankfully this new store is Canadian, but how exactly do they plan to sell for less? And why does it not seem to be any cheaper than other shops, despite them claiming on their website that they sell quality organics for less?

  • I agree. After browsing through their store, the prices are a bit more
    expensive than other shops on certain items. Do they have the scale to
    purchase in large quantities since it's only one store? Maybe their prices
    will come down for specials.

    In the end, it comes down to convenience. If you can walk downstairs to buy
    the groceries versus driving somewhere, it could be worth the extra cost.
    Then again, IGA is just across the street!!

  • Yeah…we ordered iced-coffee from their cafe and it was undrinkable. We definitely won’t be back for their coffee.