Dae Bak Bon Ga Restaurant Review

Korean BBQ always brings me right back to our year living in Seoul: A haze of barbecue smoke filled the air in restaurants and Ajummas responded “neeeehh” when customers rang the service buzzer.  These were often the sights and sounds of our daily dining adventures.

Three years later, and I will occasionally have the urge to eat Korean food, even though I don’t particular love the cuisine! (I tend to find the dishes on the bland side of the flavor spectrum). However, Dae Bak Bon Ga was a different experience all together.

Dae Bak Bon Ga Korean BBQ & Hot Pot Restaurant is located on West 4th, between Cypress and Maple, in Kitsilano.  (They also have a location downtown Vancouver on Robson Street). Not only a BBQ and Hot Pot restaurant, but they also serve authentic Korean dishes such as “kimchi-jigge”, “naengmyeon”, and “mandu”.

Their menu provides photos of each dish so you know exactly what to expect on your plate.

My “bibimbap” was on special for $5.95 and came with soup and sides. Bibimbap consisted of veggies, egg, and beef over rice. “Gochujang” (a Korean hot pepper paste) was served on the side to mix in with the dish.  My meal was very tasty and light because it wasn’t overly oily.

As with most Korean restaurants, complimentary refillable sides are served to accompany the main dishes.  Ours came with a potato side with a sweet glaze, seaweed, bean sprouts and of course, kimchi. Gary ordered “je yuk deop bap” which was a spicy pork dish served over rice. The spiciness wasn’t overpowering and it actually tasted very flavorful! He enjoyed his je yuk deop bap, although he felt that there wasn’t enough rice served with the dish.

Overall, the serice was excellent, food was tasty, and the prices were reasonable.  FYI: Wear clothes that you won’t mind getting smoky!

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