Q Go Ramen Review

Lately, it seems as though I’ve been constantly craving ramen. Perhaps it’s the saltiness, or the comfort that comes from a hot steaming bowl of soup. Whatever the case may be, Q Go Ramen has officially conquered my ramen cravings.

Located on West Broadway, between Granville and Hemlock, this cute little Japanese ramen restaurant is pretty tiny inside. We were seated at one of the long bench and stool tables and served what I thought was tea. It actually turned out to be ice water in hot tea cups. Our server, and the other employees were all really happy and friendly, and seemed to be taking really good care of their customers.

Q Go Ramen provides complimentary edamame as an appetizer – always a nice touch. I noticed kimchi was on their menu, and decided to order some as well (from my Seoul-days I presume). After we placed our order, our server returned to inform us that the kitchen only had a small amount of kimchi remaining, so the spicy side dish would be on-the-house. Score, two free little appys!

Shoyu Ramen ($7.50) – Right off the bat, we were impressed by the huge size of these bowls. So you really feel like you’re getting your money’s worth from these large dishes. There were also generous portions of noodles in each ramen bowl. The noodles were pretty good, nicely al dente, and nothing like the almost instant noodle textured Kintaro Ramen. The fatty pork had just the perfect amount of juicy fat cushioned between tender meat.

Miso Ramen ($7.95), with egg – Both broths had a nice sweetness and weren’t overly salty. I’m pretty sure they don’t use MSG (or very little), because I’m rather sensitive to the stuff, and didn’t feel any of its effects. Although I ordered my pork to be lean, I found it still flavorful. Overall, the only problem with my specific ramen bowl was that after a few bites of noodles, I noticed a long back hair entwined amongst the remainder of noodles and bean sprouts. Now, I’m a well-seasoned traveler who will eat just about anything – I have found nastier things in my food before. But, I’m sure most people would have been totally grossed out. What do you think I did – showed the hair to our server, or picked it out and continued eating? What would you have done?

My favorite ramen joints are still Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, Ramen Sanpachi and Benkei Ramen in Kitsilano.

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