Palki Indian Restaurant – ‘PALKI PASSION’ Dining Package Preview

We were kindly invited by to sample their latest dining package – a collaboration with the award winning Palki Indian Restaurant on Commercial Drive. A popular establishment for years now, Palki is one of the finest Indian restaurants in all of Vancouver with it’s unique, warm and inviting decor and high quality cuisine. Their dining pass called “PALKI PASSION” is a seven course package containing the following:

  1. Vegetable Samosa
  2. Lamb Barrah Kebob
  3. Chicken Tikka
  4. Tandoori Prawn
  5. Murg Malai Tikka
  6. Butter Chicken
  7. Onion and Cilantro Naan

We ordered a sweet and creamy mango lassi (it was excellent) as well as a glass of white wine to begin our meals.

Thin, crisp lentil papadam wafers were presented as an appetizer with an accompaniment of two dipping sauces – a sweet tamarind and a fragrant mint & coriander chutney. We adored the mint chutney with it’s bold cilantro overtone and vibrantly green colour.

A nice service that Palki provides is asking their customers what heat level they prefer. Many Indian restaurants don’t ask this question and will often air on the side of caution when preparing dishes by making them mild. We requested “medium” and our dishes were indeed served at an adequate heat level. We were very impressed. Enough spiciness to feel the burn, but not so much that it was painful.

This plate of steaming goodness was served to us sizzling hot from the kitchen. Resting on a bed of cabbage and roasted green bell peppers there were: Hearty and satisfying Vegetable Samosa containing plenty of spiced green peas and potatoes wrapped in a house made savoury pastry and then deep fried to a golden crisp. Lamb Barrah Kebob consisted of a rack of lamb marinated with garlic, ginger and spices then roasted in the Tandoor oven. Chicken Tikka was a tender piece of juicy, boneless chicken marinated with their special ingredients and also grilled in the Tandoor. Tandoori Prawn was a crunchy jumbo shrimp marinated and cooked in the Tandoor. All the proteins were exceptionally tender and well seasoned. Even the charred bell peppers were bursting with bold flavour.

Onion and Cilantro Naan – Indian style bread baked in the Tandoor with onion and cilantro. This was delicious naan and perfectly cooked. It was a little soft with that slight distinctive chew and just the right texture to soak up all the scrumptious sauce of the butter chicken.

Butter Chicken was served with a tea light beneath the dish to keep it warm and consisted of boneless chicken breast first broiled in the Tandoor and then cooked in a a sweet and savoury butter and cream sauce. Plenty of tamarind and tomato tastes were pronounced as well a superb depth of flavour.

Take a look at the video showcasing the preparation of this tempting package in Palki’s kitchen.

The two of us were still a little hungry after we devoured PALKI PASSION, so we ordered another curry dish and some more delectable naan. We chose the Garlic Naan – Tandoori bread topped with garlic and basil and slapped in the Tandoor to bake to a perfect texture. A must-have for every Indian meal!

Lamb Pasnda – Lamb pieces marinated in cumin, peppercorn, cardamom, garlic, and garam masala, and then cooked in special yogurt based curry sauce containing onions, coriander/cilantro, and chillies. Delicious! The lamb was incredibly tender and amazingly flavourful.

Overall, PALKI PASSION is an excellent deal for a generous amount of tantalizing food. PALKI PASSION dining passes are available starting TODAY, April 11th until June 11th for $14. will be releasing the passes in limited quantities so get yours before they’re sold out. Click here to get yours now!

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