Mui Garden Richmond Review

Mui Garden, a quintessential Hong Kong-style cafe, has four locations around the lower mainland, and the one we’ve visited a few times is their Richmond restaurant accessed via Firbridge Way (a little side street connecting No. 3 Road with Minoru Boulevard). Parking appears limited but ample rooftop parking is available above the establishment, and we’re always able to find a spot.

Like comparable Hong Kong-style cafes, Mui Garden offers reasonably-priced afternoon menus that include a complimentary hot coffee or tea, or a cold beverage for $0.50 – $1.00 extra. I always order a dong-yeen-yeung: A delicious mixture of Hong Kong-style milk tea & coffee. The icy beverage is sweet, creamy, and loaded with caffeine!

Fried Rice – This huge portion was very generous for an afternoon menu offering. They did not skimp on the ingredients, and best of all, loads of prawns were included. I do tend to find that Mui Garden uses a lot of MSG in their food, so tread with caution if you’re sensitive to the sodium substance.

Deep Fried Squid – Another large portion, this perfectly coated, tender and flavorful squid had a crispy batter and spicy red hot peppers. Again, a tad on the salty side, but delicious nonetheless.

Mui Garden always wins numerous awards, and they are most famous for their curries. Don’t get excited, these are not authentic Indian or Thai or Malay curries, they’re what some would term Chinese curry, or Hong Kong-style curry. Usually vibrant yellow and very mild, the smooth curry that Mui Garden is popular for includes coconut milk for a thick and rich consistency. Some call Mui Garden’s curry Malaysian curry, but I beg to differ. Malaysian curries have depth and layers, exhibit complex flavors, are hot and spicy, but Mui Garden’s curry is actually quite bland. We ordered their Curry Beef Brisket in soup, pictured above. The beef is exceptionally tender and melts-in-your mouth, and if you enjoy mild curry, you might very well adore this dish.

If you’re looking for a good Hong Kong-style cafe, or appreciate Chinese-style curries, then try a Mui Garden location near you.
Mui Garden 梅園粉麵茶餐廳 (Richmond) on Urbanspoon

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