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The Chinese Master Chefs project celebrates the culinary excellence of award winning chefs in Greater Vancouver and is the focal point of the Chinese Restaurant Awards. Here are the biographies and signature dishes of these eight talented chefs:

1TLlUB4AgceaFLEmDddXcFzO_ivUugNnlgbNWbNStFQRaymond Cheung Hing Po, Executive Chef, Landmark Hot Pot House, Vancouver

Landmark Hot Pot House is famous in Vancouver as a top Chinese restaurant for its high maintenance of its most flavourful hot pot dishes. Chef Cheung is a firm believer in using the freshest seasonal ingredients. He and the owner Mr. Lee go to great lengths daily to source the finest produce Vancouver has to offer. It’s their mission to offer the best culinary experience to the diners. Chef Cheung has been one of the most awarded chefs in the Chinese Restaurant Awards for the Critics’ Choice Signature Dish Awards.


Classic Alberta Pork Bone Soup Base for Hotpot


Wasabi Alberta Beef Short Rib


Zb0bL6iZYhFXjUeUo7_HNer4rD3uCoR8s8cnFquChQUWing Ho, Executive Chef, Fortune House Seafood Restaurant, Burnaby

Chef Ho Wing started to be apprentice in Hong Kong in 1979. He has honed his skills in a number of renowned hotels and restaurants in China, including Portman Ritz-­‐Carlton Shanghai Hotel and the Renaissance Beijing Chao Yang Hotel, before he moved to Vancouver and joined Fortune House Seafood Restaurant in 2008. He is one of the International Chinese Culinary Masters recognized by the World Association of Culinary Cuisine (WACC) and won the “Best of the Best” and Premium Gold Award titles at the 6th World Competition of Chinese Cuisine (WCCC) in Beijing, China, in 2008.


Pan-fried Alberta Beef Skewer with Cumin Powder


Sautéed B.C. Dungeness Crabs with Mixed Mushrooms

1QTfpiGIyyzN9UbrkhCP_o8A365ReYzBCKG09KVHE7MAndy Liu Zhi Hua, Executive Chef, Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant, Richmond

Chef Andy Liu Zhi Hua has over 30 years of experience in Chinese kitchen. He is one of the “Abalone King” Yeung Koon-­‐Yat’s students and acquired the master’s skills of cooking precious abalone gourmet dishes. After perfecting his craft at renowned hotel restaurants including Zhongshan International Hotel in Zhuhai China, he came to Vancouver in 1994. He has been working at the awards winning Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant in Richmond since 1999. Chef Liu’s culinary skill and creativeness shine through whenever he cooks.


Pan-fried Alberta Pork Patties with Black Truffle


Braised Alberta Beef Rib with Ginseng and Goji Berries



Leung Po Wing, Executive Chef, Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurant, Richmond

Blessed with almost five decades of professional culinary experience, Chef Leung Po Wing has continuously reinvented Chinese cuisine with his creative cooking style and well-­‐honed traditional skills. In his kitchen, he set the standard in the preparation of authentic dishes that celebrate the heritage and traditions of time-­‐honored Chinese cooking methods that made him to head Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurants to be one of the restaurants in the city with the most award winning signature dishes recommended by the food critics of Chinese Restaurant Awards.


Minced B.C. Salmon Wrap in Beijing-Style


Sautéed Alberta Beef Tenderloin Cubes with Honey and Pepper

W3mc_71h2NlKieeHnFlQZC79YikxhQk9Yq7-n0CZVJATony Luk Wing Sun, Executive Chef, The Jade Seafood Restaurant, Richmond

Chef Tony Luk Wing Sun apprenticed at the Banquet Hall of Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong in 1978 and he served as chef officially at Banquet Hall of Nan Yang Commercial Bank Hong Kong since 1985. He settled in Vancouver in 1994 after being invited to cook for few years in New Brunswick. He was the head chef at Grand Honour Restaurant on Granville St which is established by one of the “Abalone King” Yeung Koon-­‐Yat’s students Tony Kam. He particularly specializes in creating new sauces with east and west ingredients for the delicacies. In the recent years, Chef Luk has won countless awards including Chef of the Year 2011 at the Chinese Restaurant Awards and has been recognized as one of the most influential Chinese chefs in the Vancouver culinary scene.


Sautéed Alberta Veal Breast with Morel Mushroom Sauce


Steamed Eggs with B.C. Dungeness Crab and Green Onions and Pan-fried Alberta Pork Fillets with Shrimp Paste, Fermented Red Beancurd and Tomato Paste


W7aP9xxQxajYstERygODE97QJazXRHuYg5mSNrJs0AATimmy Tsui Tak Tim, Executive Chef & Owner, Big Chef Restaurant, Richmond

Chef Timmy Tsui Tak Tim focuses on bringing new elevation to traditional Chinese cuisine. He has the dual role as executive chef and owner at Big Chef Restaurant, which is jointly related with the renowned Big Chef Restaurant in Guangzhou, China. His “wok hay” dishes have been the essence of the cause to win the awards winning dish titles and are always recommended by food critics and his loyal diners, especially his wife who is always his biggest fan.



Pan-fried B.C. Dungeness Crab with Salted Egg Yolk


Stir-fried Alberta Rib Eye Stripes in Spicy and Black Vinegar Sauce


ABKWQWDfeBOCH3sKGjjFQAhNE1urqQVO1wslXCHFqk8Yeung Ming, Executive Chef, Bamboo Grove, Richmond

Chef Ming Yeung learnt the initial stage of his culinary skills from 1986 in Zhongshan China. He immigrated to Vancouver in 1995 and had worked in several restaurants to further advance his experience. His “Pork Stomach & Ginko long-­‐boiled Soup” has been recommended by judges of Chinese Restaurant Awards for three consecutive years for its outstanding gourmet quality.


Stir-fried B.C. Geoduck with Eggs


Stir-Fried Alberta Rib Eye Steak with Sichuan Mala Peanuts


dmK-r40IGDrHt_A5sWUENBf8thYdclSN7Rm2qnhlHakTony Wu Yong Dong, Executive Chef & Culinary Director, Tin Tin Seafood Harbour Restaurant, Richmond

Chef Wu’s creative and skillful talents attracted the attention of renowned celebrity chef Martin Yan who engaged him as Chief Consultant for his Yan Can restaurant. In his 27-year career, he has won many awards including the three gold medals at the 5th World Competition of Chinese Cuisine representing Canada in Guangzhou, China and the International Chinese Culinary Master recognized by the World Association of Culinary Cuisine (WACC). He has also been titled as the International Culinary Arts Ambassador of the Chinese Restaurant Awards since 2011.


Pan-fried Alberta Pork Loin Chops in Red Wine Sauce and Stir-fried Alberta Beef Tenderloin Cubes with Teriyaki Sauce


Sautéed B.C. Geoduck with Hot and Sour Shredded Potato

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Photography by Tracey Kusiewicz

Landmark Hot Pot House 春秋火鍋 on UrbanspoonFortune House Seafood 福聯海鮮酒家 on UrbanspoonShiang Garden Seafood Restaurant 敘香園海鮮酒樓 on UrbanspoonThe Jade Seafood Restaurant 玉庭軒海鮮酒家 on UrbanspoonBamboo Grove 百珍樓 on UrbanspoonTin Tin Seafood Harbour 天天漁港 on Urbanspoon

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