Pronto Caffe Review – Authentic Italian Porchetta In Vancouver

Located in the heart of vibrant Cambie Village, Pronto Caffe is a cozy little Italian restaurant specializing in authentic porchetta plates and sandwiches.

Porchetta (pronounced por’ketta) is a traditional street food of central Italy consisting of roasted pork with crispy skin, seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices. Similar to the porchetta sandwiches at Meat & Bread, this delectable, slow cooked Italian fast food is Pronto’s specialty.

However, Pronto doesn’t stop at porchetta – even if you don’t enjoy pork, you’re likely to find delicious items to satisfy your tastebuds. Their menu offers a range of other traditional dishes, including pasta, paninis, vegetarian options, and a small but feisty beer & wine list.

Pronto’s motto, “where friends meat and veg” is an accurate description because this caffe is such a comfortable, relaxing space. Aesthetically, Pronto offers old-world charm in a subtly stylish, modern setting.

Our server was friendly, welcoming and very informative about the menu. We ordered a couple of Americanos ($2.50 each) which consisted of smooth espresso from JJ Bean coffee, and an appetizer of scrumptious olives ($4) to start.

Porchetta Plate ($10) – Beautifully prepared slow roasted Italian pork, served with roasted rosemary potatoes and roasted yam. The portion was deceiving as it was very filling. The warm layers of fat will melt away in your mouth, and every bite of the crispy, crunchy skin was savored dearly. Notice the perfect layers that were well-seasoned – this porchetta is a work of art! Pork lovers, you will thoroughly enjoy this dish. Sopressata ($7) – Italian dried cured salami with house marinated artichoke hearts, provolone cheese, lettuce and roasted red pepper aioli. The bread wasn’t hard or crunchy – it was soft and hearty with just the right amount of chewiness. The sandwich was very fresh and satisfying, and each bite was flavourful.

Our lunch was so delicious that we decided to order dessert as well. Pronto’s dessert ($2-$6) selection changes daily. On this occasion we ordered a couple almond cookies that were light and airy, and a chocolate hazelnut cake that was sinfully dense yet not overly sweet.

We definitely recommend this neighbourhood gem because Pronto Caffe does it all right – friendly service, comfortable yet classy atmosphere, and expertly crafted food. What more could you ask for? Go. There. Pronto.

Pronto Caffe on Urbanspoon

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