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After a vigorous tennis match for mother’s day, we brought my parents to Simply French for a quick bite to eat. Simply French is a café located on West 10th, in the Point Grey area of Vancouver. They offer free wifi and free parking can be found on the street. They serve soups, paninis, coffee, pastries, etc. And even have a little area with toys and coloring books to keep kiddies occupied while mommy sips her café au lait.

The café has a charming decor and I loved the glass chandelier in the middle of the room.  It has an old world, warm feel like you’re in someone’s home.  A comment was made on foodosophy’s post regarding the cleanliness of the café.  I can see what they mean because it felt like the place needed a good dusting.  Also, there was a large bouquet of flowers on the mantel that were completely dead and hanging in green sludge.  Not the most appetizing view while eating!

You can browse the hand made trinkets at the back of the café while you wait for your croissants.

Baked goods are all made by Simply French, and the cookies we had were delicious. Crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.

The latte was a good temperature with a rich, dense espresso flavor.

The beet salad was fresh, light and tasty. The server even offered to add blue cheese to the salad, since my mom loves it.

The paninis were ok, however as I bit into mine, there was paper still stuck to the cheese (the parchment paper that is in between each slice when you buy a stack of cheese). As you can imagine this turned me off my lunch.  The cashier did apologize and refunded the price of the sandwich.

Even though some items were good at Simply French, I couldn’t get over the ‘unclean’ feeling or biting into a paper in my food. We won’t be back.

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