Tum Nak Thai Restaurant Review (Mesa, Arizona)

Tum Nak Thai is a little family-run Thai food restaurant tucked away between Starbucks and Weight Watchers in a shopping complex on Power Road in Mesa, AZ. We’d been to that particular Starbucks location a few times previously and had never even noticed the Thai restaurant right next door!

Menus are very intricate with fabric covers and wooden carvings, which mimic the restaurant’s warm and inviting interior decorated with lovely teak wood carvings. The owner served us that evening and was pleasant and helpful.

Prices are very reasonable, especially their lunch specials which are around six dollars. We visited on a weeknight for dinner and ordered an appetizer and a few main dishes:

Golden Tofu/Tao Hoo Tod ($4.95) – Deep fried tofu served with spicy and sweet sauce, topped with ground peanuts and fresh basil. Crunchy and crispy tofu paired nicely with the dipping sauce, but our favorite tofu dish is from here.

Ginger Plate/Pad Khing Sod ($7.95) – Fresh ginger slices cooked with mushrooms, green onions, white onions, chili and a choice of meat (we ordered beef). This tasted more like a Chinese-influenced stir fry dish, but it was tasty and contained an adequate amount of meat.

Pad Thai ($7.95) – Fresh rice noodles stir-fried with a choice of meat (we opted for chicken), egg, bean sprouts, green onions and ground peanuts on side. This pad Thai was a little too sweet and saucy for our liking, but it did have a good heat level.

Yellow Curry/Gang Ga Ree ($7.95) – A delicious mixture of yellow curry paste, curry powder and coconut milk with potatoes, bell peppers, white onions, carrots and a choice of meat. We also opted for chicken in this dish as well. Fresh ingredients and multidimensional flavor made this a pretty spot-on curry dish, so much so that we ordered another to-go along with chicken satay. The satay was a huge, American-sized portion that certainly satisfied.

Overall, we’d say Tum Nak Thai is a decent bet for Thai food in the Phoenix area. Have you dined at Tum Nak Thai? What’s your favorite Thai restaurant in the Valley of the Sun?

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