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Go there now! Don’t even bother reading this post, especially if you love Malaysian food 😉

Really though, it’s that good. It was a one-man show last night. Jamal (I believe he is the owner) was the only one cooking, taking orders, answering phones, busing tables, etc. This made the experience that much more incredible as we’re still not sure how he did it all!

Seri Malaysia is a cash-only, Halal restaurant located on East Hastings, near Nanaimo Street in Vancouver. We dined there last night with another couple and feasted on scrumptious ‘makan’!

The restaurant is spartan, but neat and clean on the inside. Comments on other blogs were slagging Seri Malaysia’s lack of decor, but its modest interior is a lot like a typical restaurant in Malaysia (although cleaner).  I actually liked the decor because it felt authentic and had photos on the walls of Malaysia: Petronas Towers, orangutans, and wooden spinning tops. In pic above, you can see a ‘tudung saji’ on the wall, which is a traditional Malay food cover used before dining.

Gado Gado ($5.50) was delicious and had just the right amount of peanut sauce, unlike Gado Gado from Hawker’s Delight which I feel has too much sauce.

The Satay ($7.50) was 6 skewers of chicken and beef, served with peanut sauce and cucumber, and was divine.

Roti Canai ($5.50), Malaysian style puffed hot bread, had 2 pieces served with curry sauce: light, flaky and not too greasy.

Nasi Goreng Kampong ($8.50), traditional fried rice, was amazing.  You could really taste the ‘belacan’ (dried fermented shrimp) paste, and ‘ikan bilis’ (dried anchovies).  They both added to the depth of flavor and the dish had a kick of saltiness.

Mee Goreng ($7.75) is traditional Malay fried noodles, and we ordered ours with chicken.  The noodles’ flavors were a mixture of sweet (from the kecap manis – a sweet, thick soy sauce), spicy and salty. I could eat this dish every day!

Peppercorn Chili Garlic Prawns ($11.50) were sauteed with bell peppers.  The prawns were lightly battered, really crispy and abundantly flavorful.

Forks and spoons are at each table setting, but no knives – as is the norm in South East Asia. Or you could forgo cutlery all together and use your hands.  This is often the custom in Malaysia, but only use your right hand!

Overall, Seri Malaysia offers excellent value for exceptional quality and quantify of its dishes. We can’t wait to go back!

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