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Cafe Gloucester Review #2

We previously reviewed Cafe Gloucester earlier this year for lunch. We were in the neighborhood of South Cambie, so we decided to try the Hong Kong Style cafe’s dinner menu. Cafe Gloucester’s extensive menu made it difficult to choose a dish! Luckily we arrived before 6:00pm, so we were able to order off their “Tea” […]

Stella’s on Cambie Review

Stella’s on Cambie & 17th looks a lot different from the outside.  Firstly, there’s a barbershop right out front which was a little confusing.  The exterior looks very 50’s diner-ish so I was expecting to see turquoise blue vinyl booths with checkered tiles on the floor and a waitress name Dolly smacking her gum while […]

Whole Foods Market (Cambie) Review

Can you believe Whole Foods has been around for 30 years? It started out in 1980 with one small store in Austin, Texas.  Today, they are the world’s leader in natural and organic foods, with more than 270 stores in North America and the United Kingdom. It sure took them awhile to come to Vancouver, […]

Toyo Sushi Restaurant Review

Toyo Sushi is located on Cambie Street near West 6th Avenue, in the Fairview area of Vancouver. It is technically a Japanese style restaurant, but also serves a variety of Korean dishes such as bibimbap, hae-dup bap and kimchi. The restaurant also masquerades as a sports bar, as there are always regulars gathered round their […]

Pied-à-Terre Restaurant Review

We were craving French cuisine last week so we ventured over to Salade de Fruits Cafe to see what deliciousness they had to offer.  Sadly, they didn’t have an open table until 9:00pm (we arrived at 5).  So, we called up Pied-à-Terre to make a reservation and luckily they could fit us in.  We drove […]

Shiro Japanese Restaurant Review

Shiro is a little gem amongst a plethora of sushi restaurants in Vancouver. It’s located on Cambie Street, in the Fairview area of Vancouver. We arrived right at 5:00pm on a Thursday night (yes we occasionally eat at seniors times) and by 5:10pm the restaurant was full. Seemed like there were a lot of regular […]

Cafe Gloucester Review

Cafe Gloucester is a typical Hong Kong-style cafe located on South Cambie.  I love these cafes when I’m craving a creamy, sugary drink and white carbs!  My favorite snack? A dong-yeen-yeung and Hong Kong- style stuffed French toast, of course! Hard to really tell by this photo, but the decor is a little strange – […]

Falafel Plus Kosher Restaurant Review

Lately we’ve been on a bit of a Middle Eastern food holiday, eating nothing but shawarma and falafels. Today we’re going to review Falafel Plus, a Kosher joint in the Cambie big box area. It was previously located in Fairview off Broadway. Specializing in Some of the Best Organic Falafels! Falafel Plus is a Kosher […]

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