Patisserie Lebeau Review – Authentic Belgian Waffles

I absolutely adore waffles – especially the traditional Belgian varieties. My maiden name originates from Belgium, so perhaps loving waffles is in my blood? Regardless, I’m always on the lookout for tasty waffle offerings around this city and during our travels.

Did you know that you can find authentic Belgian waffles in Vancouver? Yes, it’s true! Patisserie Lebeau was founded by Olivier and Penny Lebeau, who were born and raised in Belgium. Their bakery is famous in Vancouver for their Brussels waffle – rectangular in shape, lighter, thicker, crispier and larger pockets compared to other waffle varieties (like Liège). A Liège waffle is a richer, denser, sweeter, and chewier type of waffle. See their Liège varieties below:

In addition to their scrumptious Brussels and Liège waffles, Patisserie Lebeau also offers varieties of cream and fruit-filled waffles, savory waffles and even waffle sandwiches. But they do not stop at just waffles – they also offer other Belgian specialties such as Rice Cream Pie and Craquelin. Bakery items like fresh baguettes, milk rolls, croissants, danishes, and cinnamon rolls are baked fresh, and even lunch items like salads, grilled sandwiches, and quiches are available.

We went all out and ordered a variety of their menu options – original Liège waffle, milk chocolate dipped Liège waffle, salami & provolone cheese baguette sandwich, cafe latte, and a regular coffee. All fresh, and all deliciously perfect.

We also tried their strawberries & cream filled Brussels waffle, which was divine.

We could not leave without ordering their waffle & fruit. Just look at this “pièce de résistance” photo – is it not the most glorious looking breakfast you have ever seen? An enormous portion of fresh cut fruit, freshly whipped cream, on top of a light and crispy Brussels waffle. Although this dish in not on their menu (ask for their waffle with the works), customers can order it with custard instead of whipped cream – or even half whip, half custard. Heaven.

Located just steps away from Granville Island on West 2nd Ave (near the Ferrari dealership), the shop offers limited seating, and lines often queue out the door on Saturdays. So arrive early and go there tomorrow (not open Sundays/Mondays)!

(If these photos are making you crave waffles, but you can’t make it to Patisserie Lebeau – create your own with this great Liège waffle recipe from

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