Poutine Competition Winner At Festival De La Poutine De Vancouver!


Eating in Vancouver was kindly asked to attend as judges at Festival De La Poutine De Vancouver’s Poutine Competition last weekend, along with Follow Me Foodie, Tiny Bites and the CBC among others.

Traditional poutine dishes, complete with hearty brown gravy and squeaky Quebec cheese curds, were served before the competition began (pictured below-left), while the first contest entry of the evening was an Italian-inspired poutine that included savory pieces of pancetta strips and fragrant chopped green onions.

We scored Team Mew’s “Peking Duck” as the highest rated poutine of the competition at a whopping 99/100. Served in-costume by the chefs themselves, the “Peking Duck” poutine’s French fries were dusted with Chinese 5 spice before they were topped with cheese curds, and a rich gravy made with Peking duck broth. The poutine was garnished with pieces of tender Peking duck meat, shredded crispy Peking duck skin, scallions, orange zest, and presented in Chinese take-out boxes complete with wooden chopsticks holding a prawn cracker!

Although we had to leave early, at the end of the night the grand prize winner was none other than Team Mew! That’s right, our favourite and overall top poutine “Peking Duck”, expertly crafted with fine attention to detail by chefs Wil, Matt and Ejner, took home top honors. And what exactly was the grand-prize of this first-annual poutine event? Team Mew’s unique “Peking Duck” will be featured on La Belle Patate’s menu for the whole year. Therefore, even if you didn’t get tickets to this sold-out event, you can taste this unique, creative, and tasty poutine for yourself!

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