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The Richmond Night Market is a street food lovers’ paradise with offerings from all over Asia. Since opening over 5 years ago, the Night Market is starting to offer more International offerings and Habanero Taco Grill is one not to miss.


Habanero Taco Grill makes traditional Mexican and Baja style tacos using fresh, natural ingredients, and they try to source as much of the menu ingredients locally as possible. The result is a delicious taco that is bursting with flavor and packed with fillings. This is the first year Habanero Tacos is at the market and the crowd at first was skeptical but they quickly won the regulars over with the food and great service.


The menu features all the taco favorites including Carnitas (beef), Al Pastor (pork), marinated chicken, Ensenada style fish, and also a prawn taco as well as some great guacamole! The crew at Habanero invited Eating in Vancouver down to the market to try their offerings and I can report that it was smiles all around.


The first thing that you taste in the tacos is the fresh made tortillas – it makes all the difference in the world. Filling wise, everything was delicious with the beef, while the marinated chicken was on the lighter side and a perfect alternative to the meats. The pork with the pineapple and pickled onions was juicy and well spiced. To round things out the fish taco was packed full of battered fish that was nice and meaty. The same goes with the prawn taco – its meat to batter ratio was outstanding, and the tomato salsa on both was bright and fresh. Spice wise, they cook everything mild so if you’re looking for some heat they provide hot sauce to jazz things up. The pickled onions and Mexican cheese were bright, fresh and the prefect compliment to the tacos.




Address: Richmond Night Market, 8351 River Road, Richmond, BC

Website: www.habanerotacogrill.com

Twitter: @Habanerotaco

Facebook: HabaneroTacoGrill
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