Blackbird Public House Annual Spot Prawn Boil


Earlier this month, EiV was invited to attend a spot prawn boil hosted by the Donnelly Group at The Blackbird Public House & Oyster Bar on Dunsmuir St. In its second year, this messy but delicious dining event was quickly sold out which is a testament to how many people love spot prawns. Alongside the generous bounty of food, reps from Driftwood Brewing Company were on hand to pour pints of Fat Tug IPA, White Bark Wheat Ale, and Farmhand Ale.


With a dozen or so tables lined with newspaper, friendly staff brought over bucket after bucket of fresh spot prawns mixed with corn on the cob, green beans and potatoes. Plates of bread and bowls of melted butter were also placed temptingly to the side. At $50+ tax per person, the value of the event is undeniable considering the cost of fresh spot prawns nowadays. Although this dining series has wrapped up for 2014, I highly recommend this event for next year. If you love fresh seafood and beer, this is a dinner you will definitely want to check out.


The Blackbird Public House & Oyster Bar
905 Dunsmuir Street
Tel: 604-899-4456
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