Siegel’s Bagels Kitsilano Review

Last week, Gary and I headed to Siegel’s Bagels (Cornwall & Cypress) to pick up some bagels to enjoy with the heavenly smoked salmon we had just bought from Whole Foods. Really, what goes better with smoked salmon than bagels with cream cheese!

Montreal style bagels are smaller, denser and a tad sweeter than a ‘regular’ bagel. This style traditionally contains malt, egg, no salt, and is boiled in honey-sweetened water before being baked in a wood-fired oven.  Montreal bagels must be baked in a wood-fired oven to be considered genuine.  At Siegel’s you can watch the bakers boil and oven-bake their bagels right in front of you.

After we purchased 1/2 dozen pumpernickel and multigrain bagels, and Winnipeg style cream cheese, Gary decided he wanted to see if their Montreal smoked meat bagel sandwich was any good. Montreal Smoked Meat (reg $8.95 / large $10.45) – served sliced, steamed and piled high on a Bagel with mustard and Mrs. Whytes pickle spear. They really loaded up on the meat portion, which Gary appreciated. The sesame seed bagel was fresh baked, and the mustard gave a perfect ‘kick’ to the bagel sandwich.

Living in Victoria, we had a really great bagel joint called Mount Royal Bagel bakery. I often crave their deliciously sweet cinnamon bagels. Check them out if you ever on the island, and are a bagel-lover 🙂

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