Free Open House Event At O5 Rare Tea Bar


Happy Birthday O5! O5 Rare Tea Bar will have completed one full cycle around the sun this month, so help the tea bar celebrate their first anniversary with tea tastings, demonstrations and tea talks all day long.

O5 Rare Tea Bar will be opening up its doors to Vancouver tea lovers for this free open house event on August 24th. They will be sampling the 2013 harvest and some of their latest creations, including:

  • matcha
  • kombucha
  • gluten free galettes
  • handcrafted chocolates

They will be hosting several tea talks throughout the day, going over traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, talking about how to utilize matcha in home cooking, and creating your own kombucha.

The event is completely free to attend, and there will be multiple complimentary tastings throughout the day and evening. For further information regarding the open house as well as other events, visit their website

O5 Rare Tea Bar
2208 W. 4th at Yew in Kitsilano
Facebook: O5Tea
Twitter: @O5Tea

Click here to read about our experience at O5 Rare Tea Bar.

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