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Suika Izakaya – #SupaSUIKA Dining Package [PREVIEW]

When the awesome team over at invited us to preview their latest “SupaSUIKA” dining pass from Suika Izakaya, we didn’t hesitate to take them up on their offer. They’ve provided previous Suika packages a couple times in the past few years (seen here) so we were eager to taste what this new special entails. […]

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka Toronto

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is a Japanese chain of ramen restaurants with multiple locations around Asia and North America. Since our last visit to Hokkaido Ramen Santouka in Vancouver, the company has been specifically conquering South East Asia with expansion into Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and even Taiwan. With so many shops on two continents, we […]

Ebizo Sushi – Top Japanese Restaurant In Victoria

Where do you dine when you crave some of the best Japanese cuisine Victoria, BC has to offer? Ebizo Sushi, of course. Sure, popular Japanese Village is fun for the theatrics of their teppanyaki, but Ebizo on Broughton Street in downtown Vic is where you turn for good sushi. The cozy little restaurant is at […]

Yuu Japanese Tapas Richmond Review

We were craving ramen a couple weeks ago and for some reason were convinced there’s a Benkei Ramen in Richmond (there isn’t). So my sister-in-law suggested Yuu Japanese Tapas for ramen as she’s been there a few times and enjoys the place. Yuu Japanese Tapas is a casual little restaurant located in Richmond’s Continental Plaza. […]

Kingyo Izakaya – ‘#SimplyKingyo’ Dining Pass [PREVIEW]

THE MENU 4-Course Dining Pass for $22 between November 1st – December 6th, 2012 A. “Tomato Kimchi Tofu Salad“, kimchi marinated tomatoes on organic greens with tofu and ginger. Served with sesame soy dressing. B. “Tuna Tataki“, lightly seared tuna tataki with ponzu & ponzu jelly C. “Stone Grilled Kobe Beef“, stone grilled marinated kobe […]

Minami Restaurant Yaletown Grand Opening Event

On June 21st, Eating in Vancouver & the World was invited to Yaletown to help celebrate the grand opening of Minami Restaurant, the younger sibling of the respected Miku Restaurant and newest addition to the Aburi Restaurants family. Now, the Aburi PR team did such a phenomenal job inviting media, restaurant writers, food bloggers etc. […]

Suika Izakaya – ‘SUIKA PUNCH’ Dining Package [PREVIEW]

In a foodie’s paradise like Vancouver, one could literally eat out at a different restaurant every day for an entire year and not even make a dent in the overall culinary ecosystem. It is this sheer wealth of variety and choice that Vancouver foodies have come to know and appreciate. The one downside of having […]

Mutsuki-An Japanese Restaurant Review (Victoria, BC)

Mak, the owner of Woodvillage Cafe in Vancouver, recommended that we visit his friend’s sushi restaurant in Victoria. We trust Mak’s sushi recommendations since he was born and raised in Japan and has pretty great taste. Located on Cadboro Bay Road in Oak Bay, Mutsuki-An is a family-run Japanese restaurant that’s been in business since 1998. […]

Kamei Royale Japanese Restaurant – ‘KAMEI KISS’ Dining Package [PREVIEW]

Amongst Vancouver’s phenomenally diverse array of dining options, sushi has always been one of the most popular dining choices for casual diners and discerning critics alike. That said, with such an overabundance of choice, it is sometimes difficult to decide just where to go for good quality sushi at a reasonable price point. When our […]

Green Wasabi Japanese Restaurant (Sidney, BC)

After eating dinner at Carlos Cantina & Grill in beautiful Sidney by the Sea the other night, we noticed a little Japanese restaurant right next door. We made a mental note of the place and decided to check it out for lunch today after reading all the positive reviews on Urbanspoon. Located on Fourth Street […]

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