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Hokkaido Ramen Santouka Toronto

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is a Japanese chain of ramen restaurants with multiple locations around Asia and North America. Since our last visit to Hokkaido Ramen Santouka in Vancouver, the company has been specifically conquering South East Asia with expansion into Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and even Taiwan. With so many shops on two continents, we […]

Kuma Noodle Japan – Ramen in Victoria, BC

The only dedicated ramen restaurant that we know of on Vancouver Island is Kuma Noodle Japan. Located on Cedar Hill Cross Road in Victoria’s Gordon Head neighborhood, Kuma is situated in the same strip mall as popular Brannigans Restaurant. It’s a small shop with only a few tables so placing a take-out order is often […]

Yuu Japanese Tapas Richmond Review

We were craving ramen a couple weeks ago and for some reason were convinced there’s a Benkei Ramen in Richmond (there isn’t). So my sister-in-law suggested Yuu Japanese Tapas for ramen as she’s been there a few times and enjoys the place. Yuu Japanese Tapas is a casual little restaurant located in Richmond’s Continental Plaza. […]

East Meets West At Harvest Community Foods

Harvest Community Foods, under the culinary leadership of chef Andrea Carlson, has taken a new menu direction this season. “Speaking to the neighbourhood, given that we border Chinatown, I thought it would be fun to shift towards a noodle concept,” says Andrea. “I wanted to make the menu a little bit more modern and super […]

Benkei Ramen (Crossroads) Fairview Review

Benkei Ramen is a popular chain of Japanese ramen noodle soup restaurants, with five locations around Vancouver. The company even expanded into Japan! We’ve previously dined at their Kitsilano and Robson locations and thoroughly enjoyed both restaurants, so we thought we’d try Benkei Ramen’s Fairview location, situated in the Crossroads condo development on the corner […]

Benkei Ramen Robson Review

Benkei Ramen’s Robson location (near Denman) was the second out of the chain’s five restaurants we visited. The restaurant’s decor and layout was virtual identical to its location on West Broadway, in Kitsilano, with a bamboo dividing wall at its entrance and similar warm colour tones throughout. Servers were friendly and promptly seated us upon […]

Q Go Ramen Review

Lately, it seems as though I’ve been constantly craving ramen. Perhaps it’s the saltiness, or the comfort that comes from a hot steaming bowl of soup. Whatever the case may be, Q Go Ramen has officially conquered my ramen cravings. Located on West Broadway, between Granville and Hemlock, this cute little Japanese ramen restaurant is […]

Kintaro Ramen Review

Kintaro Ramen was one of the first ramen restaurants to bring Japanese noodle soup to Vancouver.  My inaugural ramen experience was years ago at Kintaro in Richmond (now closed) – I did not enjoy it. Ridiculously fatty pork slices swimming in liquid lard. Not my idea of a good time. Anyways, years have passed since […]

Ramen Sanpachi (Broadway) Review

With an abundance of “rameniacs” in this city, it’s no wonder Japanese ramen companies have made their way to Vancouver. Japanese owned and operated restaurants like Benkei Ramen, Hokkaido Ramen Santouka and Kintaro Ramen have all made their respective dents in the Vancouver ramen scene. Ramen Sanpachi on Broadway (between Balaclava & Trutch) in Kitsilano […]

Benkei Ramen Kitsilano Review

Benkei Ramen has a few locations around Vancouver. This particular location in Kitsilano (W. Broadway & Trutch), is a a bright, warm and inviting restaurant. The wood-toned decor creates a comforting dining experience, especially on cold and dreary days. Nothing beats a hot bowl of soup and warm atmosphere on rainy Vancouver evenings. I ordered […]

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