Strike Kitsilano – ChineseBites Signature Dishes Tour #10

On July 3rd, ChineseBites hosted the 10th Signature Dishes Tour dinner at Strike restaurant on West Broadway in Kitsilano. This newly opened Taiwanese eatery is the only one of its kind in the neighborhood, but is set to open a larger location in Richmond in mid July.

Open for lunch and dinner, Strike offers a full menu consisting of plenty of fried foods and saucy delights alongside bubble tea. We sampled a total of fifteen dishes throughout the evening, including a couple of future items not currently on their regular menu: slowly braised pork belly with spiced soy sauce and stir fried chicken with shaoxing wine. From stewed tofu with tasty garlic sauce to refreshing cold noodles, here are our favorites from ChineseBites Signature Dishes Tour #10:


A delicious appetizer to snack on, Strike Special Yam Fries are coated in palm sugar for an extra crunch.


Plump Wontons with Chili Oil Sauce have a lovely kick of heat.


Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets are tender and juicy with great five-spice flavor.


Taiwanese Cold Noodles with a flavorful peanut sauce topped with julienned veggies.


Taiwanese Style Cold Noodles – both dishes pictured above and below are marvelously refreshing during the hot summer weather.


Five Spice Beef Wrap has bold flavor although the wrap is a little too thick for our liking. With a slightly thinner dough, this dish will be perfect.


Strike’s most popular menu item is the Taiwanese Style Steak with Black Pepper Sauce served on a hot skillet. The kitchen team are still working on tweaking their recipes, so with some fine tuning, Strike will be an excellent addition to the neighborhood! For photos of all the dishes we sampled, visit


3217 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC
(604) 558-3217
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