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Have you ever been caught wandering around downtown Vancouver with no clue as to where to grab a quick, tasty lunch? If I had a nickel every time this has happened to me, I would probably have enough to buy a few meals by now! This new found wealth is just in time for the new VANEATS.ca collaboration with the ever popular Kaboom Box Food Truck. Eating in Vancouver & the World was fortunate to be invited out by VANEATS’s very own Kev and Billy so I headed downtown today to preview the 3-item dining pass.

The Kaboom Box was founded to bring fresh, sustainable, healthy and local food to the streets of Vancouver. We use only the best ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible, and prepare all our food fresh to order with care and love of the trade. We are committed to serving only Oceanwise seafood and sustainably produced meat. Likewise we use organic vegetables whenever possible and are committed to using biodegradable and compostable packaging.

The original Kaboom Food Truck can be found on the Northwest corner of Robson & Granville, parked on the sidewalk between Futureshop and Sears. With a bright fire-engine red exterior and attractive chalkboard menus, it is not hard to spot the truck from a distance. Note: Do not be dismayed if you find a line of hungry patrons already waiting when you arrive as the line moves quite briskly.

Here are the two options offered for this “KABOOM IN A BOX” dining pass:

Choice of:

A “The World Famous Hot Smoked Salmwich” w/ BC Poutine + a can of pop or bottle of water


B “The Gulf Island Fried Oyster Po’Boy” w/ BC Poutine + a can of pop or bottle of water

As a big fan of oysters in general, I decided to go with the above option B. Starting with the Oyster Po’Boy itself, I found it to be a fresh, Westcoast take on the more traditional submarine sandwich from Louisiana. The ‘patty’ is made up of a generous helping of local, sustainably harvested oysters which are panko breaded and then deep fried. The deliciously crisp oyster is served with a house-made tartar sauce and signature slaw between two crisply toasted wheat buns. Sound delicious? Trust me, it was! The tartar sauce and coleslaw made the overall Po’Boy wonderfully creamy which was a phenomenal texture contrast to the crackling exterior of the fried oysters. The deep fried oysters remained the strong focal point of the sandwich but were complimented perfectly by the sauce, slaw and bread.

To go with the Po’Boy came a generous helping of BC Poutine! The french fries were served piping hot, just crispy enough on the outside but still warm and mealy on the inside. The local mushroom gravy ladled on top was the perfect consistency, not too thick or thin and very flavorful. Rounding up the dish were real cheese curds which were well melted in that delightfully soft, gooey pull all poutine lovers love to see.

For those that prefer salmon over oysters, option A is the perfect choice for any seafood lover or fish sandwich aficionado. The Hot Smoked ‘Salmwich’ is served on a crisp whole wheat bun and contains a perfectly smoked piece of local, wild caught, Oceanwise Certified salmon. The beautifully pink cut of salmon is smoked fresh and served with a touch of spicy mayo and an house-made maple-mustard slaw. One of our lunch party decided to opt for this sandwich over the Po’Boy and really enjoyed it, noting that fish lovers will definitely fall in love with this Kaboom Box fan favorite. The maple-mustard slaw and spicy mayo were a creative, appealing flavor profile to pair with the smoked salmon. Hungry customers will definitely appreciate the quantity and quality of high grade BC salmon in this novel offering.

To wrap up with a few final thoughts, both the Smoked Salmwich and the Oyster Po’Boy were immensely satisfying both in taste and offered amount. What may not be apparent from the above photos is the 3-item lunch set is actually quite substantial. After getting through the generous sandwich and accompanying poutine, you will undoubtedly sit back with your can of pop or bottle of water and feel quite content. I was quite impressed with the poutine as well which proved to be a very competent side to even more impressive mains.

If you enjoyed the photos and review above, definitely check out the VANEATS.ca Kaboom Box Food Truck video above both to see both lunch options we reviewed here. If you have seen and read enough and just want to eat, this KABOOM IN A BOX dining pass will be available from May 2nd – June 16th, 2012 for only $8.50. Head over to VANEATS.ca to buy your pass on May 2nd and enjoy! Happy food adventures!

**This post is courtesy of Eating in Vancouver Contributor Alvin Lee from Foodimagery. Check out Alvin’s Kaboom Box gallery on flickr, visit his website alvinkclee.com for more photography, and connect with Alvin on Twitter @alvinkclee.

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