Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches

bobAs one of Richmond’s hidden treasures, Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches has been serving deliciously oversized subs, conveniently priced big breakfasts and homemade fried chicken for years, which shows in its classic cafeteria style décor with furnishing and colour scheme straight from the ’70s. This greasy spoon is located on No. 3 Road across from Richmond Centre near the Canada Line’s Brighouse Station.

Bob’s Sub, as most Richmond residents call it, offers a variety of hot and cold meat subs, burgers, breakfast and fried chicken at an affordable price. The portions are sized to perfection, just enough to slip you into a food coma. While big portions may be a novelty at some places, rest assured the meals are not just oversized with “filler”, the ingredients are properly proportioned ensuring each bite is the same until you are done.

As usual, I ordered the 6-inch steak and capricollo sub, which comes with lettuce, tomato, mozzarella cheese, grilled onions and Italian sauce. If there is an ingredient you prefer not to have, no problem – the staff is happy to customize to your taste.  Extra cheese, no problem! In fact they offer a “Super Sub” for only a $1.00 more which is double everything – yes, double meat, double cheese for an additional dollar!

If you are looking for a big savoury meal with great value or a hangover cure (although inconveniently closed on Sundays), Bob’s Sub is your perfect option.

Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches
6390 No 3 Road
Richmond, BC
(604) 273-6710
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