H-Mart Richmond Grand Opening

H-Mart (Hanahreum Mart) is a Korean specialty food chain that began thirty years ago in Queens, New York. The company has since expanded around North America and even opened a shop in London, England last year.

Currently, you can find H-Mart in Coquitlam, Langley, and on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver. On January 20, 2012, H-Mart opened its fourth location on the Lower Mainland inside Richmond’s Aberdeen Centre.The place was packed with eager customers searching for grand opening deals, while helpful employees wore vibrantly coloured hanboks (traditional Korean dress).Along with grocery items, H-Mart also features a snack bar serving authentic fresh Korean delicacies like rice cakes with fish and red bean, and right next to the snack bar is a restaurant offering up hot meals such as bibimbap and japchae.


You’ll find a kimbap station at the rear of the store, with ajummas making this hand-rolled Korean sushi. “Wellbeing” is a commonly used English word in Korea, so it’s only approciate that H-Mart would have a Wellbeing Snack (bar)!


Cooking up a hot and hearty jiigae and some thick, fatty pork belly slices of samgyeopsal.

Copious amounts of kimchi

When we lived in Seoul, our students adored these Choco Pie treats – they’re essentially Wagon Wheels, or Moon Pies as they’re known in the US.

Gochujang galore (Korean hot pepper paste)

These melon flavoured creamsicles are a popular snack in South Korea to cool down with during Seoul’s hot and humid summer months.

“World Top Grade”  Hallabong Citrus direct from Korea’s Jeju Island – Regularly $14.99 EACH, they were on sale for the grand opening special of *only* 5.99 for one. A Hallabong is a hybrid fruit the size of an orange, with a large bump that represents Hallasan, the large dormant volcano at the center of Jeju island (the “Hawaii” of South Korea) that is the highest peak in South Korea.

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