Cold Stone Creamery (Point Grey) Review

Cold Stone Creamery opened its first location in Tempe, Arizona. Incidentally, our first Cold Stone Creamery experience was at a Suns basketball game in nearby Phoenix, AZ. I ordered their Coffee Lovers Only signature creation – coffee ice cream mixed into roasted almonds, Heath toffee bar, drizzled with caramel, nestled in a chocolate dipped waffle bowl. I’ll never forget the gloriously intoxicating smell of their freshly baked waffles. Their world-famous, rich, smooth and creamy, super-premium ice cream was sinfully delicious.

A few years later, we enjoyed Cold Stone in Seoul, South Korea. Workers would sing when customers gave them tips. LOL, it was a pretty entertaining spectacle. Apparently employees sing at other locations as well, but we didn’t witness any singing at Vancouver’s Point Grey location. Mind you, customers weren’t handing out any gratuities either.

Vancouver’s West Side Cold Stone is located inside of Tim Hortons, on the corner of West 10th & Trimble Street.

A rainbow of ice cream and sorbet flavors to choose from.

Cold Stone Creamery’s signature process prepares custom creations and company favorites on their a signature frozen granite stone. To ensure your ice cream doesn’t melt, they mix your choice of ice cream with chocolate bar pieces, cookies, candies, nuts, etc. on the ice-cold stone slab. Instead of small, medium and large, sizes available are “Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It”.

Love It sized Cheesecake Fantasy ($5.29) in a waffle bowl ($0.89 extra) – cheesecake ice cream with blueberries, strawberries and graham cracker pie crust crumble. The fruit had been previously frozen, then thawed before it was mixed into our ice cream. Although the waffle was not as fresh as we had experienced in both Phoenix and Seoul, the ice cream was still smooth + creamy, and gotta have it delicious.

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