Soft Peaks – Vancouver’s Organic Soft Serve Ice Cream


Rich soft serve ice cream topped with honeycomb has been the latest trend in South Korea, Taiwan, and California for quite some time. Recently, Vancouver foodies finally got a taste of this tantalizing concoction with the opening of Soft Peaks Ice Cream, located in the heart of Gastown. As an ice cream fan, I think it doesn’t matter whether it’s a sunny or chilly day – ice cream is always a nice treat. The soft serve at Soft Peaks is made from organic milk from local supplier (and BC’s first organic milk producer), Avalon Dairy.


There are a variety of toppings but the Honeycomb Peak is the store’s signature flavour. You can immediately taste the rich milk flavour and the dense texture upon the first spoonful. Honey is dripping from the locally sourced honeycomb from the Okanagan and Fraser Valley. At the bottom of the cup, there is a layer of crunchy cereal flakes. The combination of ice cream, honey and cereal is quite delicious. Besides, Honeycomb Peak, there are also some unique toppings, such as Yuzu marmalade, Matcha powder, and Himalayan pink salt. However, the undeniable star of it all is definitely the soft serve itself. The richness of the ice cream is showcased well with tasty toppings. Soft Peaks Ice Cream is a definite treat for those who love ice cream.

soft peaks

Soft Peaks Ice Cream
25 Alexander Street, Vancouver, BC.
Twitter @soft_peaks
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*Thanks to Soft Peaks for the media tasting invitation.

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