Empire Seafood Restaurant Review – Alaskan King Crab Feast!

It’s that time of year again — Alaskan king crab season has commenced! Last year, we visited Richmond’s Empire Chinese Cuisine for our king crab feast, and this year we decided to dine at its sister location, Empire Seafood Restaurant. They are currently offering a fantastic king crab deal: $10.99 per pound! However, this special does have a catch — it’s available at dinner time only and the price is not offered for just crab alone: you must order a minimum of two additional dishes.

We took along my parents-in-law, “Lai-Lai and Low-Yeh”, and our aunt & uncle who were in town visiting from Macau. We stayed with them in Macau last year where we enjoyed an amazing view of the Venetian from their condo and they treated us to a delicious meal at the MGM Grand, so we thought an Alaskan king crab feast would be the perfect way to treat them to dinner.

Our reservation was at 6:00pm, which was a very relaxing time to dine because the restaurant wasn’t packed with customers.

Staff brought out the live crab, weighing approximately 11 pounds, and displayed it like a prize!

The crab legs came to the table on two plates (plenty for the 6 of us) steamed with loads of minced garlic. The crab meat was cooked perfectly as it was delicately sweet.

Look at the beautiful meat!

Crispy battered deep fried king crab knuckles topped with crunchy fried garlic, jalapenos and green onions for a salty/spicy kick. Preparing the knuckles in this manner is a very popular method, but does cost $15.00 extra at Empire.

Portuguese style fried rice in the head shell of crab is another crowd-pleasing way to prepare the crab and costs an additional $10.00.

Underneath the baked sauce was the golden rice containing pieces of crab and shrimp.

To add some veggies to our diet, we ordered some pea shoots – stir fried with garlic, salt and lots of oil for a glistening appearance and tender texture.

Peking pork chops with sweet ‘n’ sour sauce and presented on a bed of onions. These were deelish and there was plenty of succulent meat on the bones.

For dessert, we ordered baked tapioca pudding. I love this dish because it’s a smooth and creamy treat with a custardy texture that satisfied all the taste buds. Inside this delectable baked dessert, right in its centre, was some sweet lotus paste.

Overall, our meal was superb and the service was excellent at Empire Seafood restaurant. They compete with Kirin across the street so they’ve got to be on their game. The server made a point to speak in Cantonese and English, which I appreciated. He was also quick to always give us new plates when the shells piled up on ours.

Considering Alaskan king crab fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States, I do feel a little guilty for contributing to this industry…. However, the crab was really delicious. One of my favourite ways to eat Alaskan king crab is with with a squeeze of lemon, melted butter and a mallet at the Crab Pot in Seattle!

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