Agro Café Review – Granville Island

Vancouver’s relaxing and modern Agro Café serves organic, fair trade coffee, and locally-roasts its own beans in small batches on lovely Granville Island. (The company has a second location in Yaletown).

Nestled in Granville Island’s Railspur Alley, the lofty coffee shop’s open, wooden-framed interior consists of warm autumn tones of orange and brown. This licensed cafe and bistro, features a full kitchen, spacious seating on the cafe floor and upstairs mezzanine, and cozy patio space perfect for working on your laptop using its wifi, or for people watching on bustling Granville Island.


Visting a friend working at the nearby Sake shop, a few of us ordered some organic fair-trade coffee, fragrant tea and yummy baked goods. A guest book was resting on the cream & sugar station for guests and tourists to sign. My chocolate-chip muffin was moist and fresh, and tasted as though it had been baked that day.


Our coffee had a lot of grounds in it, but the barista ensured us it was due to the fact that they use French-press. Either that, or this cup had the remainder of the coffee pot dumped in it! Personally, I prefer less grinds in my coffee – nevertheless, the coffee was deep, rich and bold and most definitely satisfied my caffeine craving.

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